How often does the beauty egg change?-the disadvantages of not cleaning the beauty egg

by:Suprabeauty     2021-12-14
After the makeup egg is used, the liquid foundation will remain on the top of the makeup egg. If it sticks to the makeup egg for a long time, bacteria will grow. And it is prone to mildew. In severe cases, it can also cause skin allergies, so the impact is great.

The beauty egg is a makeup tool that everyone uses when putting on makeup. The beauty egg needs to be cleaned and replaced frequently. Everyone uses the beauty egg differently, and the number of times of cleaning the beauty egg is also different.

How often should I clean the beauty egg?

After the beauty egg is used, there will be liquid foundation left on it. If it sticks to the beauty egg for a long time, bacteria will grow. And it is prone to mildew. In severe cases, it can also cause skin allergies, so the impact is great. How often it needs to be cleaned depends on the frequency of use. If you use it more often, it is best to clean it once a day. If you do not use it often, you can clean it once a week or two. If you use it occasionally, it is best to clean it before storing.

The disadvantages of the makeup egg not being cleaned

If the makeup egg cannot be cleaned, it will easily become moldy. The moisture and residual makeup in the makeup egg are both It can provide nutrients to the mold, and the use of such a beautifying egg can cause skin problems and affect our health.

How often do I change the beauty makeup egg?

It is recommended to change one every two months and wash it 2-3 times a week (long-term use will breed bacteria, and after contact with the face, it will breed mites) I use less eggs. I prefer to use diamond-shaped puffs and cushion puffs for makeup. I change them for 3-4 months and wash them once a week (I’m not the one that makes up every day). Since the appearance of Beauty Blender, a lot of thick liquid foundation Both the powder and the cream were rescued, and the makeup with a beautifying egg pat on the makeup became docile and light. However, because foundation is the most used cosmetic product, and it is close to the skin, if the tools used for foundation application are not cleaned in time, bacteria will be left in it, causing skin infections. The surface of the sponge may also be agglomerated by the foundation, resulting in uneven makeup. . Therefore, it is recommended that people who frequently use makeup eggs try to clean them thoroughly every 2 or 3 times to reduce the risk of skin bacterial infections.

Can the makeup egg be used if it is moldy?

It can be used, but it is not recommended to continue to use it. After all, the skin on the face is more sensitive, and carelessness can cause allergies. If the beauty egg is used frequently and daily, it is recommended to clean it every three days or so, and prepare several beauty eggs as replacements. And after use, use a paper towel to absorb the moisture of the makeup egg, which is convenient for the next use and can prevent the makeup egg from getting moldy. If the makeup egg is not your usual makeup tool, it is recommended to wash it after each use and put it into a clean mesh bag after drying. This is convenient for the next use and will also ensure the cleanliness of the beauty egg. Make-up eggs must be cleaned frequently. Dirty make-up eggs are prone to breed bacteria if they are not cleaned, and bacteria can cause acne after being applied to the face. After washing, put the beauty eggs in a cool place to dry, and then put them in a cosmetic bag for storage.

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