WHY CHOOSE Suprabeauty Private Label Makeup Brush?

Suprabeauty wholesale makeup brushes manufacturer has been engaged in the production of private label makeup brush especially for disposable mascara wands, since 1998.

With customized packaging options, brand identity, and a wide variety of brush types and materials available, Suprabeauty provides private labeling your makeup brushes allows you to

create a unique and high-quality product that will stand out in a crowded market. By choosing Suprabeauty Private Label Makeup Brush as your partner,

you can access the extensive knowledge base with years of experience designing custom makeup brushes for various clients worldwide.



With over 20-year production experience, Suprabeauty makeup brushes manufacturer specialized in custom makeup brushes.

That is we provide private label makeup brush for the customers' requirements. The most popular products is disposable makeup brushes. Welcome inquiry!



Makeup Brushes Wholesale NEW ARRIVAL

As the high quality makeup brush manufacturers, Suprabeauty are staying up-to-date.

Suprabeauty makeup brush supplier provide many types & designs options of our cosmetic brushes, and we accept customization requirements.

The hot selling products of Suprabeauty cosmetic brush manufacturers is disposable mascara wands. Welcome contact us!

Luxury vegan synthetic hair face marble makeup brush set

- SPB3029

Luxury face makeup brushes set supplier vegan synthetic hair
Suprabeauty disposable mascara wands sponge puff set makeup blender sponge


disposable lip applicators Gift box packaging makeup sponge set


Classic cosmetic brush set vegan synthetic fiber cosmetic brush


Need Supra makeup brush kit products modified or a custom item, please let us help you



Suprabeauty Products Co., Ltd

—— A professional custom makeup brushes manufacturer which has specialized on production and wholesale of beauty accessories since 1998.  90% staffs from our factory and age under 40 and with bachelor degree. With high enthusiasm on working no material communicate with our team, our customers or our suppliers.  Our headquarter office is located in Shenzhen, one of our boss, sales team, financial dept, shipping dept. are working here.  And there are 3 production factory located in the edge of Shenzhen,  Dongguan city, Guangzhou and Shantou.  

Our products serious as below:

-Makeup brushes and makeup brush kit with different quality standard to meet the request of different consumers, such as professional artist, daily makeup, school students, and promotion items.  

-Disposable makeup applicators including disposable mascara wands, lip gloss applicator, lip brush, lip liner, eyeliner, nail polish brush, etc.

-Latex free makeup blender sponge with various shape and specifications.

-Cosmetics packaging products including lip gloss packaging tube, lip stick tube, mascara bottle, compact case, etc.

-PET Airtight jars

-Other beauty accessories, such as compact mirror, makeup spatula, wooden stick, etc .


—— Customized are available for all above products. Please feel free to contact with us get your own customized design. We serve from technical design, molding, sampling, then get into mass production, packaging & delivery.


—— Main staffs of our production team have been engaged on makeup brushes‘ production over 10 years, we also introduce advanced brush producing techniques from Korea. Experience makes the difference- we strictly control every step of the production process from picking hairs, measure the weight and specifications, shaping hairs, assembling, and carding hairs.  You can see the super quality of our makeup brushes when you visit us.


Under the led of our boss, we seized the market share in over 20 countries, mainly in USA, UK, Korea, Russia. Because of our good quality makeup brush and fantastic service,  we survived under the financial crisis in 2008,  and won good reputation from our customers.


Series Supra makeup products of beauty accessories with quality guarantee, short production lead time, fantastic communication and service of our team makes our win-win cooperation.  Please don’t hesitate to contact with us to have more information. 



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Communication and cooperation bring perfect close links and unlimited benefits.

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