Air cushion sponge puff cleaning method Can the sponge inside the air cushion be washed?

by:Suprabeauty     2021-12-15
The sponge puff in the air cushion can be cleaned, but if it is not clean, it is best to replace it with a new puff, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria! Next, let's take a look at the cleaning method of air cushion sponge puff. Air cushion sponge puff cleaning method is very simple, but do not wash frequently, it is easy to breed bacteria, it is best to recommend that you replace it with a new one.

Can the sponge in the air cushion be washed?

I recommend that you buy a few more and change it. It’s best not to wash it. I have washed it before, but the result is dirty. The air cushion puff is specially made. I used it at the time. After washing the makeup remover and soap, the white on the top turned to yellow. Later, the clerk told me not to wash it.

Air cushion sponge puff cleaning method Air cushion puff ordinary cleaning method

Put the air cushion puff in a paper towel, cover the top and bottom with paper towel, and then use the bottle ( Stick) Roll and press to absorb excess water and dirt on the puff.

Then put the puff in a plastic bag, pour in shampoo, facial cleanser and other cleansing products, pour in an appropriate amount of water, and knead the bag thoroughly. In fact, this method is quite tiring and laborious. In fact, instead of washing the puff every long time, it is better to clean it after each use. Another less labor-saving method is to use cleansing oil to clean.

Daily cleaning method for air cushion puffs

After each use, rinse the puffs with cold water and rub them gently with your fingers. Note that hot water must not be used! Then put cleansing soap on both sides of the puff, rub it gently with your fingers, and rinse with water.

According to the above method, it is generally necessary to wash 2-3 times to completely clean the puff. Each time you knead does not need to be too long, 30-50 seconds is enough.

Comparison before and after cleaning

Comparison before and after cleaning, the effect is super obvious, and the puff after cleaning is the same as the new one.

In order to verify that everyone is really clean, the blogger cut the air cushion puff into two, and the part of the puff is also completely clean!

How often should the air cushion puff be cleaned?

Like brushes and makeup sponges, the air cushion puff is cleaned according to personal use habits, but no more than one month at most, otherwise a lot of bacteria will accumulate in the puff. And will bring bacteria into your air cushion powder core with your makeup.

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