You need a blush brush to make your face rosy

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-09

   Many MM asked: These blush boxes are already equipped with small brushes, why should I buy a special blush brush? In my opinion, if you want to do good things, you must first sharpen your tools. This sentence is perfect for describing brushes.

   If you want to be good at work, you must first sharpen your tools. This sentence is suitable to describe brushes, but there are still confused girlfriends who ask: These blush boxes are already With a small brush, why should I buy a special blush brush? Obviously, she only understands the need for tools, but she still doesn't know the importance of sharp tools. I was very sad, so I grabbed her iPhone4 and said: Then why did you love hair bib after changing to Iphone4, but you didn't see such enthusiasm when you used N to record before?

  Limited Edition Portable Brush Set-Swan’s Kiss

  SEPHORA T-stage makeup brush

   In my opinion, sharp tools are more than just Doing good things can also greatly increase the enthusiasm of things. In the early years, I happily bought the first box of NARS blush, and as soon as I tried the makeup, the plateau red makeup scared my little heart. The Orgasm climax color number was originally heavy, and Nars was powdery and soft. With the nylon blush brush that I gave in full, it was difficult not to monkey butt. This box of blush has since established the fate of falling ash, even if it is light, it is still not easy to apply evenly. One day it encountered M.A.C187 pine whitewashing and was finally tamed. Just use 187 to gently rotate the blusher, and then swipe it on the back of the hand, and then the upper cheek, and you will have an appropriately shy face. 187 is really a perfect match for NARS's heavy-flavored blush, even if it is a wild, bold and passionate color, it can be adjusted by 187 to complement each other.

  PINCEAU Magic Meteor Paintbrush

  tweezerman_lash_open eyebrow brush

   Although for me at the time, the price of 187 was quite a bandit , But it saved N boxes of blushes, including Nars, and my precarious confidence in blushes, and it was a good deal. Okay, this is the story of why I bought a brush. In many cases, the bottleneck of your makeup is often not in the eye shadow, blush, lipstick itself, or even limited to your hand skills. Using a 50-point brush + 20-point technique + 30-point product to draw a 100-point makeup is actually a simple and cost-effective thing.

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