Women don’t just apply BB cream, the makeup artist will teach you how to apply cosmetics-Company News-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-15
Don’t be an idiot and you only know how to apply BB cream. Many girls who are new to makeup will choose to use BB cream as a primer. My girlfriends like Xiaobian always have a bottle, but the thick texture of BB cream is difficult to push off, especially if you don’t apply it in a hurry Uniformity will make the face piece by piece, and the makeup artist will teach you how to apply makeup. 1. Moisturizing before makeup Make sure to moisturize your skin well before putting on makeup. If the skin lacks water, it will easily lead to floating powder and powder, and the makeup will not fit well, so be sure to prepare toner and essence! 2. Primer before makeup Many girls will ignore the step of makeup primer. In fact, makeup primer can help you brighten your complexion, increase skin moisture, and at the same time form a protective film on the face to isolate skin damage from ultraviolet rays and makeup. Therefore, before applying the base makeup, apply a layer of primer to replenish sufficient moisture to the skin, and the makeup will be more natural and docile. 3. Apply sunscreen Although autumn has just entered and the sun doesn't come out very much, the ultraviolet rays are stronger on cloudy days, so the sunscreen effect of BB cream alone cannot block ultraviolet rays. You must do enough sunscreen homework. 4. Put on the base makeup and brighten the complexion Use a powder puff to dip the liquid foundation in the air cushion BB cream box, and press it evenly on the face and neck to create a natural and docile base makeup. Pay attention to choosing the liquid foundation that is suitable for you A color number similar to the skin tone. 5. Loose powder to set makeup After the base makeup is finished, it is time to apply a layer of loose powder. Loose powder has a good effect of controlling oil and setting makeup, preventing you from getting oily and taking off your makeup under the hot sun. Have you learned it, girls?
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