Why do makeup tools need to be fixed for cleaning?

by:Suprabeauty     2023-04-21

Easy to hide dirt:

According to the research survey, based on the frequency of using puffs and sponges for a week, a sponge puff will breed about 80,000 bacteria in the sweltering summer of July and August, and 40,000 bacteria in the cool autumn of October and November. bacteria. There will be such astonishing data, not only because the sponge puff itself has residual cosmetic ingredients, but also the condition of its own skin, mainly because the skin will have sebum, sweat, old waste, and bacteria that are invisible to the naked eye. Finally, acidification will occur, which will inflame the face, leading to acne and acne.

Affect the makeup effect:

In addition, these sponges and brushes have already been stained with all kinds of makeup products. When you apply makeup, the makeup will naturally not show color and stick well. Brushes are the most frequently used makeup tools. The bristles should be cleaned at least once a week. You can use a special detergent for brushes or a neutral lotion. If it is really dirty, you can also use soap to clean it.

Proper cleaning steps:

1. Pour the cleaning solution on your hand, and rub the bristles with the other hand until it foams. (Or pour the cleaning solution into one hand and rub until foamy, then use a brush to brush back and forth on the foam.)

2. Rinse along the bristles under the tap, squeeze out the water, and let the bristles dry naturally.

Some people often soak all the brushes in cleaning solution together to save time when cleaning the bristles. This is absolutely impossible, and the bristles will easily fall off.

If the powder puff is covered with liquid foundation or loose powder, it should be cleaned at least once every 2 to 3 days. It can be cleaned with general special lotion or neutral lotion. If it is really dirty, it can be cleaned with soap like a brush.

Makeup tools that should be cleaned

Because it is easy to ignore it! In addition to cleaning, it is recommended to replace the general eyelash curler in about half a year. It will take better care of your own eyelashes! Take the replacement core of the eyelash curler and clean it, and use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. It's ok to wipe the dirty place lightly.

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