Which tool should I use for setting powder? Is it better to use a brush or powder puff?

by:Suprabeauty     2021-12-16
Make-up powder can be used with a brush or a powder puff, depending on personal preference and usage habits. However, it is more convenient for novices to use a powder puff. Let's take a look at it in detail below! We all know that makeup powder is a more popular makeup product, it can well modify the facial skin and play a very good makeup effect. So, should I use a brush or a powder puff for the setting powder?

It’s better to use a brush or powder puff for the makeup powder. A line of pink marks. A flat-headed brush with a slope for details such as the nose and eye area is useful. If you want to apply makeup quickly and clearly, choose a round-head brush.

Puff on makeup is fast and good! It’s not technical at all to use, it’s very suitable for novices, put your fingers in, just take a few shots on the face, and the effect of makeup is still transparent. , The surface is relatively delicate, even if it is wiped off, there will be no powder marks or unevenness. Before use, the editor will also spray it with a spray, the makeup will have a watery effect, and there is no need to worry about dry skin and no makeup.

However, if you use a thick, viscous foundation, the surface is also prone to clumping. Anyway, it is not expensive and just replace it with a new one. A few dollars on a certain treasure is enough, and it is not much different from the use of ten or twenty dollars. It is not distressed to throw it away if it is dirty.

What kind of tool is used for setting powder? Puff on makeup

The first step: leave a small gap between the puff and the pores, then turn the loose powder box over and shake it a few times. This way, you don’t have to worry that the puff will only get a little foundation on the pores, and it will leave a deep mark!

Step 2: Then the puff will get the right amount of powder on it, and then Fold the puff in half and rub it on your face.

Step 3: Press lightly in the order of cheek-forehead-nose-chin. Fold the puff in half to deal with uneven and narrow parts like eyes. Use the corner of the puff to lightly press around the nose. It is recommended that you focus on setting makeup around your eyes.

Applying makeup with a brush

Step 1: Loose powder and loose powder brush are an excellent combination for setting makeup. Slightly tilt the box with the lid on and tap the box twice. Open the lid and apply a loose powder brush evenly on both sides of the brush.

Step 2: Flick the back of your hand a few times before applying to adjust the amount. Follow the order of cheeks, forehead, nose, chin, and eyes, gently sweep with a brush. Stand up the brush and use the tip of the bristles to apply finely to the nose and eyes, and apply one more time to the double eyelids.

What are the colors of the makeup powder?

White loose powder is more common, and it will brighten the complexion after applying it on the face. But it is best used to highlight the T-zone, cheekbones, and brow bones.

Purple can be used to adjust the dark yellow and get rid of the yellow face phenomenon. After applying the foundation, if the face is still yellow, you can use purple to set the makeup and neutralize the yellow complexion.

Green loose powder is mainly used to adjust red skin, such as acne skin, red blood streaks caused by allergies, and red spots have a good effect.

Pink loose powder can look very popular, especially suitable for fair-skinned people, it will feel radiant.

Blue has a good transfer effect. Apply a layer of blue powder under the eyes and the entire face to make the face more three-dimensional, suitable for girls with freckles.

Yellow is more natural. If the foundation is lighter or darker, causing a color difference with the neck, you can use yellow powder to adjust it slightly to make the skin tone more even and natural.

The pearlescent loose powder will have a swelling feeling on the whole face, making the face bigger. But it can be used at dinners, parties and other occasions, and it will create the feeling that the skin will glow.

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