Which one of the foundation brush or the makeup egg has a more natural look? Which one is better to use foundation brush or makeup egg? Common sense of cosmetics

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-10
Nowadays, many people choose to finish their makeup before going out. Whether a makeup looks good or not depends mainly on whether the base makeup is applied evenly and compliantly. If the base makeup can reach the level of natural and compliant, then the makeup behind will be the icing on the cake and make it look more beautiful. ; But if even the base makeup is not good-looking, then even if the makeup is good-looking, it may look even more ugly. This shows how important a delicate and beautiful base makeup is to the makeup itself. So what should we do to make a delicate and perfect base makeup? As the saying goes, sharpening a knife does not accidentally chop wood. If you want to complete the work more perfectly, you need to use tools that line your hands. With the help of makeup tools, the makeup effect will be more natural and docile. Under normal circumstances, the makeup tools that can be used for foundation makeup are mainly three categories: foundation brush, makeup egg and air cushion puff; foundation brush and makeup egg are more common tools for foundation makeup, while foundation brush and sponge egg The effect of creating foundation makeup is different, and the method of use is different. Both tools have their own advantages; then, which one is better to use a foundation brush or a makeup egg? We can make a comprehensive evaluation from the advantages and disadvantages of foundation brushes, materials and makeup effects. First, the advantages of the foundation brush are that the foundation brush made by the foundation brush has a good effect, which can create a natural and fitting foundation effect; and when it is used, the foundation brush will not over-absorb the foundation, so it is also Will not cause waste of foundation. The shortcomings of foundation brushes are mainly not suitable for skin with more blemishes. Because the blemishes need to be covered with local focus. In addition, some fiber bristles are not very effective in use, and the use effect is not good, and some may cause skin sensitivity in some people.  Second, the main advantage of the beauty egg is that it is easy to use. It can be applied on the whole face, or it can be concealed with a spot shot. The shortcomings of the beauty egg are more obvious, the adsorption is large, easy to absorb the foundation, it will cause the waste of the foundation. In addition, the makeup egg is easier to get dirty, so you should pay attention to the cleanliness of the sponge. Remember to replace the beauty egg with a new one after using it or regularly.   The third point. From the perspective of material, foundation brushes can be mainly divided into animal hair and synthetic fiber hair. They are easy to clean and durable. The beauty eggs are mostly fine-textured sponges, with almost no gaps on the surface, and they feel soft and smooth to the touch.   Fourth point, from the perspective of how to use makeup tools, the use of foundation brush is to first apply an appropriate amount of foundation and then apply it evenly on the face. The usage of the makeup egg is to apply the liquid foundation to the face first, and then gently press the makeup egg to push away the liquid foundation. Fifth point, from the perspective of the makeup feeling created by both the foundation brush and the makeup egg, the makeup after applying the foundation brush is very good, the makeup feels clear and natural, but the novice makeup brush is easy to brush Make-up is too heavy due to scars, or too much dosage, so you need to practice more before using makeup brushes. Since the beauty egg has a certain thickness and strong absorption, it can be used to correct fine powder or wipe off excessive foundation, which is very convenient. When using it, you need to moisten it with water and then squeeze it out before using it on your face. This will make the base makeup more compliant. In summary, the advantages and disadvantages of foundation brushes and beauty makeup eggs are better. It is recommended to use them appropriately according to your foundation products; if you are using liquid foundation, it is recommended to use beauty makeup eggs; if you use foundation For foundation products such as creams and foundation creams, it is recommended to use a foundation brush. As long as the right base makeup products and handy makeup tools are available, are you still worried that you can't draw delicate and beautiful makeup?
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