Which one is better for foundation brush or makeup egg? How to choose

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-10
Foundation brushes and makeup eggs are the makeup tools commonly used in daily makeup. If you want to create a perfect foundation, the help of makeup tools is still indispensable. However, there are still some differences between these two beauty tools. Which one is better, and how should I choose between a foundation brush and a makeup egg? Take a look at the following analysis! The difference in appearance:    foundation brush is small in shape, the brush head mainly has round head, inclined surface and tongue shape, etc., and the details are difficult to handle;    beauty makeup eggs are mainly drop-shaped, gourd-shaped or with cut surfaces, and the shape can meet the basics The details of the makeup needs can also be taken care of.   texture difference:    foundation brushes generally use animal hair as the bristles, while the beauty egg is a sponge texture;    these two textures have similar powder absorption strength, but the use of the beauty egg when wet can reduce the powder absorption strength of the sponge. Makeup difference:    the foundation brush is more solid, the concealing power is higher, the makeup is lighter and translucent, it can create a natural skin translucent feeling; the   beauty egg makeup is lighter, the covering power is also good, and the makeup feels dull Light fog. Suitable for the crowd difference:    foundation brush is not easy to control the strength, if you use too much force, it is easy to leave obvious make-up marks, more suitable for skilled people; Obvious makeup feel, so it is more suitable for novices.   is suitable for the difference of skin quality:    foundation brush is more suitable for dry skin or skin without blemishes on the face;    beauty makeup egg is more suitable for oily skin and skin with obvious defects such as acne and spots on the face. The difference in the scope of use:    foundation brush is mainly used to apply liquid foundation and foundation brush, for the base makeup part;    beauty makeup egg can be used to apply blush, concealer, full face makeup and highlight repair in addition to foundation makeup. Wait.   The above is the difference between a foundation brush and a makeup egg. These two makeup tools are used by many people. As for which one is more suitable for you, it depends on your personal makeup needs!
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