Which makeup brush set is better? Tips for choosing makeup brushes-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-03-01
Which makeup brush set is the best? Tips for choosing makeup brushes. Makeup brushes may not have a deep impression on the minds of novice makeup artists, but they still need a little help to advance from a scumbag to a master. Makeup brushes are the best choice for makeup artists. Standard makeup tools, let me tell you which makeup brush is better and how to choose a makeup brush. Which makeup brush set is better? Base makeup brushes: mainly divided into flat head, round head, tongue shape and special shape. The flat head brush is the most used daily and can cover a large area of ​​foundation. The round head brush is suitable for liquid foundation with a thicker texture. The tongue-shaped and special-shaped brushes are more inclined to take care of the nose and other parts. Detail brushes: including eyebrow brushes, eyeliner brushes, eye shadow makeup brushes wholesale, lip brushes, etc. Eyebrow makeup brushes wholesale and eyeliner brushes are usually harder, so you can control the force to draw smoother and more precise eyebrows and eyeliner. Eyeshadow brushes come in small, medium and large sizes. The small size usually has a strong powder grasping power and is used for drawing the innermost corner of the eye, the medium size is used for intermediate transition colors, and the large size is softer for large-scale smudging to make eye makeup more natural. Of course, the detail brush also includes a sponge head brush, etc., which are used to brighten the eyelids and lying silkworms. Tips for choosing a makeup brush First, pick the brush type: Look at the hair peak. If the shape of the bristles of the brush is uneven, it will lead to deviation of the makeup position; The texture of the hair peak is uniform, the bristles are full, and the shape of the brush is round. This kind of brush feels good, the facelift is clean, and the color range of the brush is accurate. Second, choose the brush type: look at the function. A good makeup brush is not only a tool, but also a helper to help the makeup artist. A good brush, the hair peak at the end should present a natural arc. Each brush is divided into functions according to the skills of the makeup artist. The shape of the brush head should help the makeup artist to solve problems to the greatest extent, such as eye shadow falling off, foundation not fitting, and eyeliner not smooth. Third, look at the quality of the hair: the brushes with good hair quality are not made of one kind of hair, and makeup brushes wholesale with different functions will use different hair quality; we can usually summarize these bristles into two categories: Natural bristles (animal hair) And artificial bristles (synthetic fibers), good natural bristles are soft and smooth, with a firm and full structure, rich and thick bristles, clamp the bristles with your fingers, and gently comb down, the bristles are not easy to fall off. Fourth, makeup comfort: Convenience Good brush bristles are comfortable and soft to apply makeup, and the bristles are strong in skin-friendly, comfortable makeup, like a breeze blowing on the face and can be used for multiple purposes, improving convenience. So how do you choose a makeup brush? In order to protect the environment, you can choose a makeup brush made of artificial hair, which is relatively smooth and flat. wash. Although the texture will be a bit harder, but the man-made fiber brushes bought now are easy to use and cheap, and basically do not pierce the face. Which is the best makeup brush set? Here are the tips for choosing a makeup makeup brushes wholesale. I personally recommend brushes with squirrel hair, squirrel hair, goat hair, horse hair, etc., because such brushes are soft and do not prick the skin and catch powder. Strong strength, smoother and easier to use. No matter how expensive cosmetics are, they are useless without good makeup brushes, but with a good set of makeup brushes, you can use mass cosmetics to draw advanced makeup.
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