Which makeup brush is better? How to choose a makeup brush?-Company News-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-03-01
For a novice to choose a makeup brush, it is tantamount to fish in troubled waters. There is no specific choice at all. Many people are like this. They don’t know what kind of makeup makeup brushes wholesale is suitable for them. They don’t know the material of the makeup brush. Let’s follow the makeup brush manufacturer below. Let's literacy together. 1. What is the difference between animal hair and fiber hair makeup brushes? Animal hair: Advantages: The hair is soft and feels good; Disadvantages: High price and not washable. Fiber wool: Advantages: dense hair, washable, and high cost performance; Disadvantages: uneven quality and makeup, not as good as animal hair. 2. How often do you wash your makeup makeup brushes wholesale? How do you clean them? Foundation brushes, beauty sponges, and tools for base makeup need to be cleaned after each use. If they are not cleaned in time, bacteria will grow and cause some skin problems. For loose powder, blush, and eye shadow brushes, I usually use them two or three times to clean them. Of course, the brushes still need to be cleaned frequently. I usually use Cinema Secrets brush cleaner, which can clean the makeup brushes wholesale very clean. Of course, slum girls can also use soap to clean them. OK. 3. How long does it take to change the makeup makeup brushes wholesale? How to maintain them? Generally, the brushes need to be replaced when they are 'fried'. When placing the brushes after washing, pay attention to the orientation of the makeup brushes wholesale head. Lay flat or face down.
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