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by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-23
Which kind of makeup brush is better? How to choose a makeup brush? For a novice to choose a makeup brush, it is tantamount to fishing in troubled waters. There is no specific choice at all. Many people are like this. They don’t know what kind of makeup brush is suitable for them. To understand the material of makeup brushes, let's follow the editor to literacy. 1. What is the difference between animal hair and fiber hair makeup brushes? Animal hair Advantages: The hair is soft and feels good; Disadvantages: High price and not washable. Fiber wool Advantages: dense hair, washable, and high cost performance; Disadvantages: uneven quality and makeup, not as good as animal hair. 2. How often do you wash your makeup brushes? How do you clean them? Foundation brushes, beauty sponges, and tools for base makeup need to be cleaned after each use. If they are not cleaned in time, bacteria will grow and cause some skin problems. For loose powder, blush, and eye shadow brushes, I usually use them two or three times to clean them. Of course, the makeup brushes wholesale still need to be cleaned frequently. I usually use Cinema Secrets makeup brushes wholesale cleaner, which can clean the brushes very clean. Of course, slum girls can also use soap to clean them. OK. 3. How long does it take to change the makeup brushes? How to maintain them? Generally, the brushes need to be replaced when they are 'fried' (I have written about how to prevent the brushes from being blown up and how to deal with them in the previous article), when the brushes are washed and placed Pay attention to the orientation of the brush head, do not place it upright, so that the brush is easy to shape and frizz, it is best to lay it flat or face down. 4. Tips for cosmetic brushes The fluffier the cosmetic brush hairs, the weaker the powder-holding power, which is suitable for smudging or multiple layering. The tighter the makeup brush hairs, the stronger the powder-holding power, which is suitable for the parts of the face that need to be strengthened. The following editor will introduce the sequence of makeup for you: Introduce how I use and choose makeup brushes Concealer brushes The two concealer brushes I use are my own, and the brushes are more suitable for beginners. The larger brush head is suitable for dark circles under the eyes, and can well cover the part of the tear trough. The brush head can push away the concealer well. Tips: After covering with a brush, press it with your fingers again, it will be more docile~ The brush with a smaller head is a flat head design with tight hair quality, suitable for covering acne marks, spots, and red noses that are hard to take care of to the details. Some people may want to ask whether it is necessary to buy two concealer brushes. In fact, it is not necessarily that if you only buy one, I would recommend the small brush head. Foundation brush In fact, for novices, the recommended one is quite good. Compared with makeup brushes, it is easier to use. If you are looking for a more advanced makeup brush, it will be better. The brush head of the tongue-shaped foundation brush is very firm, suitable for light and thin liquid foundation and powder cream. Using it to apply makeup will have stronger concealing power and more luster. Small Tips: Before using the makeup brush, spray it with makeup setting spray to make the base makeup more docile! Small difficulty Tips: If you still have brush marks with a makeup brush, you can press it with a beauty sponge and it will be OK. Loose powder brushes The choice of loose powder brushes is relatively simple, fluffy to the touch and not pricking the skin is enough, and one foot is prepared for each person. The shape and firmness of the blush brush are just right, and it is easy to control the color rendering of the blush. Two blush styles are attached. 1.8-shaped style: suitable for anyone, commonly known as 'universal' style . 2. How to use Japanese blush: Swipe the blush under the eyes. Eye shadow brushes You need to prepare three basic eye brushes, color spreading brush, smudge brush, and partial smudge brush (detail brush). Generally, the color spreading brush has tighter bristles, so the coloring power will be stronger. The partial smudge brush is generally used to emphasize some eye details, the hair quality is relatively tight, and it can be colored and partially smudged. Smudge brush The brush head of the smudge brush is relatively fluffy, which is convenient for the smudge of eye shadow. Contouring The shape of this contouring brush is quite design-like. Its bristles are relatively tight, but it is not very easy for beginners to use. Nose shadow brush The general eye shadow brush can be used as a nose shadow brush, and this kind of brush with a slope is more suitable for nasal brushing. Eyebrow brush In fact, many eyebrow pencils now come with an eyebrow brush. The other end of this eyebrow brush is convenient for applying eyebrow gel, which can outline a very precise eyebrow shape. Highlight brushes generally come in two shapes: one is a fan-shaped brush, and the other is a tapered brush. The fan-shaped highlight brush is very convenient for coloring the cheekbones and bridge of the nose, and does not require smudging, but it is difficult to take care of the small C area and other details. The tapered high-gloss brush can take care of some details, and it needs to be blended after coloring on the cheekbones. In fact, the ordinary eye shadow smudge brush can also be used as a highlight brush in a clean state, don't limit the function of a brush! Lip brush is optional for ordinary people, it is convenient to outline the lip shape, it depends The pursuit of makeup. Which makeup brush is better? How to choose a makeup brush? That’s all for the content. How many brushes do you need as a set of beginners? Color brush, smudge brush, detail brush), nose shadow brush, highlight brush, a total of nine. Hope the above content can help you. If you want to know more makeup brush products, you can click the product center to view.
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