Which makeup brush cleaner is easy to use? What to use for makeup brushes to clean cosmetics?

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-12
When applying makeup, some makeup tools are sometimes needed to help present a more perfect makeup effect, and makeup brushes are one of the most commonly used makeup tools. Make-up brushes generally need to be cleaned regularly, so as to ensure that the residual cosmetics will not affect the skin. So which makeup brush cleaner is better? How to clean the makeup brush?  Mao Geping Makeup Brush Cleaner   Mao Geping is a rare makeup artist makeup brand in China, and its makeup products are also very well-known in the country.   This cleaning agent is one of its best-selling products. It can not only thoroughly clean the makeup residue and grease in the makeup brush, but also make the bristles of the makeup brush softer, thereby prolonging the service life.  Apieu Brush Cleaner    This cleanser is very convenient to use. After spraying the brush, gently wipe it on a paper towel to remove the makeup residue on the brush.   It is added with natural mint, it can also remove oil when using it, and it can dry quickly after use. If you need to use the same makeup brush when applying makeup, you can quickly clean it up and use it again. UKISS Beauty Egg Powder Puff Cleaner This cleaning agent is not only cost-effective, it can also be used to clean makeup tools such as makeup eggs, cotton pads, makeup brushes, and powder puffs. In addition, the cleaning effect is also good. It is very versatile and worth starting with. A cleaning agent.  ELF makeup brush spray    is a cabbage-priced makeup brush cleaning spray. Due to the design with its own nozzle, it is very convenient to use.   contains alcohol, so it dries easily. It is especially suitable for washing makeup brushes after daily use.  The above are the four recommended makeup brush cleaners. Although products such as shower gel and makeup remover can also be used to clean makeup brushes, the use of special cleaners will get better results, better care of makeup brushes and prolong their service life.
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