Which makeup brush bristles are easy to use?-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-23
Which kind of makeup makeup brushes wholesale bristles are easy to use? We all know that the materials of makeup brushes are mainly divided into two categories: artificial hair and animal hair. Artificial hair and animal hair are not different in appearance, but they feel very different. Let's take a look at the kind of makeup makeup brushes wholesale that are easy to use. Artificial fiber hair Advantages: It is better for sensitive skin, does not have the smell of animal hair, and is relatively hard. The biggest advantage of artificial hair brushes is that they are not afraid of water and grease, and are more washable, so most foundation makeup brushes wholesale, eyeliner brushes, and lip makeup brushes wholesale are made of artificial fiber hair. Disadvantages: The smudging power is average, relatively hard, and may pierce the face. Wool Advantages: The most common material, good for smudging, powder grasping, and coloring, and has a more or less stinky smell. Wool is the main source of animal bristles for brushes. Disadvantages: Low-grade wool brushes have no hair peaks, and the hair quality is relatively rough, and the touch is sticky. Horse hair Advantages: Washed pony hair is slightly hard, but it has strong powder grip, is relatively tough, and has a good color. Disadvantages: Cheap horsehair brushes can be a bit brittle, and are often mixed with bristles of other materials to reduce costs. According to the evaluation of netizens, the best horse hair brush is currently in Huangyoutang. Squirrel hair Advantages: The hair roots are thin and smudged well, very soft, the face is like a spring breeze, and it has a natural luster after makeup. Disadvantages: Because it is too soft, the coloring is relatively soft, and the brush shape is fluffy. It is suitable for heavy-color powder products (such as shadow brushes), and the price is relatively expensive. Squirrel hair Advantages: The hair body is smooth and soft. Disadvantages: The bristles are very dense but the hair body is loose, so it is more suitable for a small grooming makeup brushes wholesale. Yellow wolf hair, mink hair Advantages: good elasticity, like fiber hair, it is very suitable for grasping paste! It is far ahead in color selection. Many eye shadow brushes and eyebrow brushes are made of this material~ Disadvantages: the smudging power is average, it is more suitable for making lip brushes and eyeliner brushes, and the price is relatively expensive. The above is the whole content of which makeup makeup brushes wholesale bristles are easy to use? After reading the above introduction, do you still not know which kind of makeup brush is suitable for you? , Know your skin, and choose the correct makeup bristles according to your habitual makeup methods.
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