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by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-19
Which is the best makeup brush set for beginners? It is very troublesome for beginners to choose makeup brushes. The quality, material, price, and use of makeup brushes all need to be considered. Good-quality makeup brushes are used for a long time and are not easy to shed; the quality of the material will affect the application effect of the makeup brush; the price is often the most concerned by novices, and the cost-effective makeup brush set is more popular; many people will not understand when buying a single makeup brush Purpose, leading to wrong purchase, the makeup brush set will have common tools and detailed instructions for use. The following editor will recommend some practical knowledge and makeup brush sets for your reference. How to choose and buy cosmetic brushes 1) Hold the bristles with your fingers. If the bristles have a smooth edge, it is basically a good brush. If the curvature of the brush is not smooth, it will not be easy to sweep out the powder evenly. At this time, you can also gently comb down to see if the brush will shed hair. 2) Gently press the brush on the back of the hand and draw a semicircle to see whether the hair is neatly cut. 3) Distinguishing the authenticity of the bristles: Blow the bristles with hot air, keep the original shape as animal hair, and curl the bristles as man-made fibers. This method can also be used to check whether your makeup brushes are mixed bristles. 4) Color identification: Natural animal hair should be shiny but not shiny. If it shines too much, it is likely to be made with chemical ingredients. In addition to the white hair, if your hair is exactly the same color, it is likely to be dyed. Novice makeup brush set recommendation: 5 commonly used brush sets 1. Loose powder brush. How to use: Dip in an appropriate amount of honey powder or loose powder, and gently sweep over the face that has finished the base makeup, and apply it on the parts that are prone to sweat (such as Both sides of the nose, forehead and chin) stay for about 5 seconds. Then clean it again along the contour of the face. 2. Foundation brush, how to use: Dip an appropriate amount of liquid foundation with the foundation brush or dip in the palm of your hand, and apply it on the forehead, chin, and cheeks. (Especially the parts with blemishes and acne marks can be superimposed and thickly applied), and then gently sweep away with a foundation brush. If you emphasize high coverage, you can use a foundation brush to gently press on the blemishes. 3. Concealer brush, how to use: Apply the concealer to the place you need to cover, such as red, swollen acne and acne marks, gently press on the acne, and at the same time deal with the boundary between the blemish and the surrounding skin. It looks as soft and natural as possible, and will not form a color difference with other skin colors. Finally, the makeup is set with powder, so that the concealer product and the liquid foundation are integrated. 4. Eye shadow brush, how to use: dip a small amount of eye shadow powder or eye shadow cream with the eye shadow brush, and gently sweep it on the eyelid to achieve the effect of rendering; if you want to draw eyeliner, choose a smaller eye shadow lightly along the eyeliner and draw in one direction. The extension of the depth of the lower eyeliner and the outline of the eye shape can be done with an eye shadow brush. 5. Contouring brush, how to use: first choose a light brown or barley-colored one and apply it on the cheekbones in a large area, then use a darker brown to apply it on the cheekbones depression, and then use the contouring makeup brushes wholesale along the face Gently sweep in the concave and convex direction, and it must be swept horizontally at an angle. Try not to damage the makeup color and effect of other parts of the face. 7 sets of commonly used makeup brushes wholesale 1. Large powder brush, use: suitable for all kinds of loose powder and pressed powder, quickly create a large area of ​​uniform and docile makeup. 2. Blush brush, use: suitable for blush and powder, brighten the cheekbones, and make the facial contour more distinct. 3. Foundation brush, use: It is suitable for all kinds of liquid foundations, and can quickly create a large area of ​​uniform and docile base makeup. 4. Eye shadow makeup brushes wholesale, purpose: to quickly realize the blending and uniform transition of eye shadow. 5. Eyebrow comb, use: suitable for combing and shaping eyebrows. 6. Eyeliner brush, use: use with liquid eyeliner or eyeliner to easily present smooth eyelash lines. 7. Eyeliner, usage: used to lift the corners of the eyes and draw various delicate eye lines. The above is the useful contents of the novice makeup brush set recommended for everyone today. As a novice, the above two sets of makeup brush sets are enough.
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