What types of nose shadow brush heads are there? What happened to hair loss? -

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-16
There are many kinds of nose shadow makeup brushes wholesale, so do you know which types are there? Do you know how to use them respectively? Today I will introduce to you makeup brushes. Types of nose shadow brush heads: The more common types of brushes include flat head brushes, flame brushes, thin head brushes, and angled brushes. Different shapes of brushes have different uses. 1. Flat head brush. Also called color spreading brush, the brush head is oblate and can be used for large area color spreading. There are different types of color brushes, and you can choose the appropriate type of makeup brush according to the position of use. 2. Smudge brush. When drawing nose shadow, there is a very important brush, which is the smudge brush. The brush of the smudge makeup brushes wholesale is shaped like a flame, and the hair is relatively soft. It can smudge the color of the nose shadow, and it can also be used to smudge the eye shadow. There are also large and small models of smudge brushes. 3. Thin head brush. The thin-headed brush is a relatively small nose shadow brush, which is suitable for handling the details of the makeup. It can be used to draw the highlight position in the nose shadow and eye shadow, and it can also be used to draw the heavy shadow part of the eye shadow. 4. Angled makeup brushes wholesale. The bristle quality of the angled brush is relatively hard, and it is also a brush suitable for detail processing, suitable for drawing some details and embellishment positions. What is the hair loss of the nose shadow brush: It is normal for the makeup brush to shed hair during the first few cleanings, because the makeup brush has long and short hairs, short hairs that are not stuck in and some floating hairs may fall off , After washing two or three times, it will not fall off slowly. But if it has been shedding hair all the time, and the hair shedding is very serious, it may be a quality problem, the quality of the selected makeup brush is not good; another is that the use time is too long, the makeup brush can be used for a long time, but if If you don't pay attention to maintenance, hair loss may occur after a period of use, which means it's time to change to a new makeup brush.
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