What tools should I use for loose powder? How to apply loose powder without a puff?

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-14
Loose powder is the last step of make-up. It is used to set our makeup so that it can maintain and last longer. There are many makeup tools for top makeup. Different makeup tools draw different makeup effects. Each makeup tool has its own advantages and disadvantages, mainly depending on your usual usage habits and skin condition. The most commonly used loose powder brush is the loose powder brush. The loose powder brush is specially used to use loose powder. Many novices of makeup can use it. It can make the loose powder spread more evenly on our face, so it is usually necessary in the cosmetic bag A makeup brush is a must-have unless you don’t use makeup for different skin types. Naturally choose different tools. There are four categories:    The first type: oily skin: each time the puff grabs more powder, the area in contact with the skin is also Larger than paint, it is not easy to make makeup come off quickly.   The second type: neutral skin: loose powder brush is an indispensable tool when you use loose powder. The amount of powder dipped in the painting is much smaller than that of the puff, and there is no heavy accumulation.   The third type: mixed skin: you can use powder puff for the oily parts in the T zone to make the whole makeup look fine and thick; while the cheeks are relatively dry, you can use powder brush.   Fourth type: dry skin: dry skin is suitable for brushing loose powder, but if your skin is very dry, it is best to omit the step of loose powder to avoid floating powder. In addition: there are 3 types of paint available:   1. Large round head loose paint brush for the whole face: The big round head loose paint brush is the boss of facial brushes, and it can quickly fix the whole face with a large amount of powder. . However, due to the geometric characteristics, the details cannot be taken care of.  2. Facial details rely on conical powder brush: This type of brush is easier to handle the details of the face, and it can also be dipped in glitter powder to shine on the part. But it has a small face, but it is the key to patience.  3. Fan-shaped powder brush to remove excess powder: Standard multi-purpose, fan-shaped brush can be used horizontally to sweep powder on a large area, tilted for highlighting, vertical use can also handle details such as the nose and wings.   Loose powder is a kind of cosmetics, its professional name is makeup powder, also known as honey powder. Generally, it contains fine talcum powder, which has the effect of absorbing excess facial oil and reducing facial oiliness. It can adjust skin tone comprehensively, make makeup more durable, smooth and delicate, and prevent makeup from falling off. It is mostly used in the last step of make-up, brushing loose powder, it means that the makeup is complete. In addition, loose powder also has the effect of covering up blemishes on the face, making makeup look softer, especially suitable for daily makeup. Therefore, to make makeup delicate and long-lasting, the procedure of setting makeup with loose powder is indispensable. In addition, loose fans have another explanation on the Internet, which means scattered fans.   So what should I do if I forget to bring a puff or do not have a puff?   If you forget to bring loose powder, you can choose to use makeup spray or powder to do makeup work. There is not much difference, but there will be some differences in texture and color. Among them, the makeup setting spray is also a good makeup setting product. If you do not carry loose powder, it is also a very good choice. After applying makeup, spray the makeup setting spray directly on the face for a few times. Location.
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