What supplies can replace makeup brushes?

by:Suprabeauty     2023-04-20

Makeup brushes are essential makeup tools, but in daily life, there will always be an embarrassing situation where you forget to bring your makeup brushes. At this time, you must look for daily necessities that can replace makeup brushes. So, which daily necessities can replace makeup brushes? Woolen cloth? Use the following 5 essential daily necessities at home flexibly, and you can have a beautiful makeup without a makeup brush.

A gadget that can replace makeup brushes

1. Toothbrush

Can replace: eyebrow brush

A brand new toothbrush can do wonders. It can be used as an eyebrow brush to comb the eyebrows, and it can also be used to exfoliate and massage the lips, so that you can get rid of the troubles of lip lines when you apply lipstick.

2. Paper towels

Can replace: loose powder brush

If you don’t have setting powder at hand, you can take a soft paper towel, tear it in half, take a single piece, and put it on the left and right sides of the face respectively. The fibers in the paper towel can be stained with residual powder and excess oil. When applying smoky makeup, you can also put a paper towel on the lower eyelid to prevent the eye shadow powder from getting on the eyelid.

3. Cotton swab

Can replace: lip brush

Cotton swabs are already a makeup bag staple, often used to correct makeup missteps: including smudged mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. The cotton swab also doubles as a lip brush to pick up liquid lipstick, just the right size to evenly blend red on lips. A cotton swab can also be used to apply solid lipstick after dipping it in water.

4. Cosmetic cotton

Can replace: blush brush

The round cotton pad is generally used to apply toner, and it can also be used to apply blush powder. Use a piece of cotton pad to gently dip the blush, put it on the cheekbones and press lightly, the color of the blush will be stained on the face, leaving no powder remaining, the effect is very natural and even. Because it is easy to absorb and absorb powder, cotton pads are also suitable for replacing solid cosmetic powders such as pressed powder.

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