What should I use for foundation? What tools should I use for foundation?

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-09
All girls who make-up know that cosmetics are very important, and make-up tools are equally important. From the beginning of learning makeup, we began to think about what to use for foundation and what tools can be used. Let’s take a look with the editor below.   Fingers   Phase must everyone have heard that fingers are the best makeup tool. The advantages of applying foundation with fingers are simple and convenient, easy to operate, and flexible to control. However, it is difficult to paint well in the corners of the nose and eyes without taking into account the details of the finger-shaped round shield. Because of the fingerprints on the fingers, the overall makeup effect is rough and not delicate enough. After applying makeup, it is troublesome to use a makeup remover to wash off the base makeup on the handle.  Beauty makeup egg    Beauty makeup egg is a kind of sponge puff. It is soft and delicate, with good elasticity. It is suitable for applying foundation with pressing method, and the makeup experience is very good. Due to its porous nature, it should absorb water to swell before use and gently squeeze out the excess water, otherwise it will absorb a lot of liquid foundation in it, which is wasteful and unsanitary. There are many shapes of beauty eggs, drop-shaped, faceted, gourd-shaped, etc., as well as different sizes. It is suitable for overall makeup and details. Do a good job of moisturizing before applying makeup. The makeup egg can easily absorb the moisture in the liquid foundation. At the same time, the water left by the moist makeup egg on the face is easy to evaporate with the moisture of the skin, so skin care is best used Some moisturizing products are also easy to maintain the makeup effect, and it is not easy to dry out.  Puff   Puff puffs are the same as beauty eggs. There are many different shapes and sizes, such as round, drop, oval, etc. They are also very soft and delicate, which is very suitable for foundation. The method of use is also flexible. You can press the foundation as a whole, fold it in half for details and touch up makeup, or fold a pointed corner to apply makeup on the corners of the nose and eyes. But the puff does not need to be wetted and used like a beauty egg. It is more powder-absorbing, and the thin slices have a shorter lifespan.   Silicone powder puffs    Silicone powder puffs are rarely seen. I personally think that silicone powder puffs are more specific than other makeup tools, but they can be used quickly if you are in a hurry. The silicone puff is also very soft. One of the major advantages is that it does not absorb powder. When using it, you should not apply a large amount of foundation at one time. Note that you must wipe off the remaining foundation on the puff every time you use it, otherwise it will be dirty, and it will easily cause the puff to turn yellow and shorten the service life.   foundation brush    foundation brush is also a very commonly used makeup tool, there are different models such as tongue type, toothbrush type, etc., according to needs, you can brush thick makeup with thick makeup or light makeup with light makeup, and you can also easily take care of the details. But applying makeup on foundation is a test of technique and it is easy to leave brush marks. It is best to use the makeup egg to gently press it again after applying the makeup on the foundation to make the makeup more delicate and smooth. The foundation brush needs to be dipped in a large amount of liquid foundation when using it, which is easy to get dirty. It is recommended to keep it tidy and clean at ordinary times.   The above is the editor's answer to what to use for foundation, I hope everyone will adopt it!
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