What material is better for makeup brushes? How to choose makeup brushes? Skin care tips and beauty information

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-13

What material is better for makeup brushes? How to choose makeup brushes? For many novices, they don't know how to choose the corresponding makeup brush. There are also a wide variety of makeup brush materials, and various animal hairs and fiber hairs do not know what kind of brush to match and which part of the cosmetics to brush. Let's take a look together.

First, let’s learn about animal hair.

Animal hair has natural hairy scales, has good powder gripping power, can absorb and release powdery cosmetics, and is suitable for use as loose powder brushes, eye shadow brushes, etc. But there are also many kinds of animal hair, among which the more expensive ones are yellow wolf tail hair (also called mink hair) and squirrel hair. The yellow wolf tail hair itself is relatively short, and it is usually used as a high-end eye shadow brush. Squirrel hair is used to make loose paint or shadow brushes. The bristles are very soft, but because of this, they are easily deformed if they are not stored properly.

Goat hair and horse hair are cheaper and widely used. Goat's wool is relatively cost-effective, and it is generally used to make relatively large brushes such as loose powder brushes and blush brushes, which use more hairs, and are suitable for large-area makeup. Horse hair is usually used as a brush for details such as eyeshadow brushes, blending brushes, etc., and is suitable for detailing.

In general, animal hair is more suitable as a tool for applying makeup on a large area, and smudging in details is also a good choice, suitable for dry powder. But the little fairies with allergies should choose carefully. Some animal hairs are prone to allergies. In addition, animal hair should be cleaned and stored more carefully. Its internal structure is more fragile than man-made fiber bristles. Also, the environmentalist little fairy should also be careful not to buy animal brushes.

Next, let’s talk about man-made fiber wool. Artificial wool is divided into fiber wool and nylon wool. The hair body is relatively smooth and does not have hair scales, so it has weak powder holding power and is suitable for wet products. But relatively speaking, there is no animal hair soft, and the whole is relatively hard, and it may feel like a pierced face.

Combining the advantages and disadvantages of the above two, artificial wool such as bionic wool was born. The bionic hair imitates the nature of animal hair through artificial techniques, which is environmentally friendly, not prone to allergies, and can achieve the softness of animal hair. It greatly improves the softness and powder holding power of the brush, and is more suitable for environmentalists.

So how do we choose makeup brushes?

First of all, for novices, it is not recommended to buy a full set of makeup brushes. You can purchase a single brush according to your own needs. The makeup brush set is usually matched according to the needs of the public. For novices, it may be unusable. If you buy a set, it is prone to waste, so it is recommended to buy a single set. Secondly, little fairies who are environmentally friendly and love protecting animals try to buy artificial fur as much as possible. Otherwise, using animal hair brushes will easily cause resistance. Furthermore, it is necessary to purchase the corresponding makeup brushes according to different products and makeup needs.

What material is better for the makeup brush? How to choose makeup brushes? Generally speaking, animal hair is suitable for dry products, and artificial hair is suitable for wet products. And it is recommended that novices buy a single piece according to their needs. Only by buying the right makeup brush, can the cosmetics display its greatest value.

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