What makeup brush set is good, the diagram of the use of makeup brush set

by:Suprabeauty     2023-03-04
What kind of makeup brush set is good? Illustration of the use of makeup brush set It is also very convenient to apply with high strength, and the temperature of the human body can also make the foundation melt faster, but because the fingers have fingerprints, it cannot be applied evenly when applying makeup, and the temperature on the fingers can easily stimulate the skin to sweat and cause makeup to come off For makeup, it is recommended to use professional makeup brushes. Usually we see that professional makeup artists and celebrities use professional makeup brushes, so why do they choose to use professional makeup brushes, because the gap between the bristles of the makeup brushes can hold the makeup horizontally, making the makeup light and natural, with different curvatures Make the force even, the makeup will be thinner. In short, applying makeup with a professional makeup brush will make the makeup thinner and more even, and the makeup will be more natural and comfortable. With all kinds of makeup brushes on the market, what kind of makeup brush set is the best? Today, Xiaobian brings you several useful and discounted makeup brushes, as well as professional makeup brushes with diagrams and prices proportional to quality. Let you quickly understand the purpose and use of makeup brushes. Today we are going to use makeup makeup brushes wholesale to apply a light makeup with cosmetics. In the process, we will introduce the usage of makeup brushes in detail; Step 1: First, apply isolation cream on a large area of ​​the whole face, and then press the whole face with the palm of your hand. Step 2: Squeeze out an appropriate amount of BB cream on the powder brush, and spread it on the cheeks from the inside to the outside. Step 3: Use the professional eye concealer to lightly touch under the eyes, and use the fingering of the piano to pat the concealer until it disappears mark. Step 4: In order to make the makeup last longer, apply a thin layer of powder on the whole face to better set the makeup. Step 5: After dipping in the brown eyebrow powder with a horizontal brush, sweep off the excess powder on the paper, and then start to draw the eyebrows from the brow Step 6: Use white eye shadow to brush out a semicircle shape at the head and end of the eye, and then Swipe a layer of light blue eyeshadow along the base of your upper lashes, and swipe a layer of pink eyeshadow on the tail of your lower lid. Step 7: Next, choose a waterproof eyeliner to draw the eyeliner from the top of the eyeballs, remembering that the two ends are thinner and the middle is thicker. Tips: When choosing eyeliner products, you should choose the best one according to the oily condition of your eyes. For example, if the skin around the eyes is dry, you only need to choose eyeliner. The liquid eyeliner or gel eyeliner is oily. The first choice for skin beauties, not easy to smudge makeup. In addition, liquid eyeliner is the eyeliner product that is the least easy to remove makeup. Step 8: Curl your own eyelashes with an eyelash curler, and then apply a layer of mascara. If it is not long enough, you can repeat it. Step 10: Use a white eyeliner to lightly draw on the triangular area of ​​the corner of the eye to instantly brighten the eyes. Step 11: After the eye makeup is completed, it’s the turn of the blush. This time I chose light pink blush, I don’t want the makeup to be too cute. Step 12: Finally, choose a jelly-colored gel or lip gloss and apply it along the lips A thin layer of lip makeup is enough. Many people don’t know what makeup brush to use for makeup, and what kind of makeup brush set is good. Let’s take a look at the advantages of makeup brushes; All have slopes, which can apply makeup on a large area and quickly, and are recommended for beginners in makeup. Nuomi Ci, the bristles are very short, compact and thick, and it can brush out a natural makeup with great force. Foundation makeup brushes wholesale. Professional makeup masters use a foundation brush to apply foundation, because the foundation produced by the foundation brush will be more transparent. The gradient slope is perfect, super close to the cheeks, and the bristles feel comfortable and irresistible. Various eye detail brushes, in fact, these types of brushes are commonly used, and I think they are all necessary. Each brush has its own different functions. When blending eye shadow, it can have a more layered and natural transition , while making eye makeup more refined. The blush brush has plenty of bristles and won't collapse when used. It fits the cheeks very well. You can brush out various shapes of blush according to makeup needs or different face shapes. Contouring brush, one of the finishing tasks of makeup is of course indispensable. The grooming brush is first-class in grasping powder, the bevel fits the face perfectly, and can make shadows with a natural and borderless effect. The above content is what a good makeup brush set is, a makeup brush set All the content of the usage diagram, after the makeup is completed, the effect is amazing, the beautiful light makeup is super natural, go and experience it!
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