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by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-22
For MMs who make up makeup, makeup brushes are commonly used. Let's take a look at the things about makeup brushes. Which kinds of makeup brushes are necessary? The first is the blush brush, which can help you easily apply charming color to a large area of ​​your cheeks. Especially the blush brush made of natural animal hair. The loose and soft bristles are the best tool to create a natural and good complexion without leaving any traces. The eye shadow makeup brushes wholesale is also one of the eye makeup brushes that are not available for daily makeup. The free-drawing synthetic fiber bristle eye shadow brush can make the eye shadow blend naturally on the eyelid with a gradient effect. Alternatively, you can apply it flat to fill in the gaps between lashes. Compared with the straight eyeliner brush, the curved eyeliner makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale can make the entire eye area clearly visible, especially suitable for helping beginners who are not very good at drawing eyeliner to draw a more delicate and natural eyeliner. The lip brush is an important magic weapon when applying rich and bright lipstick. The precise and small brush head can make the lipstick pigment adhere to the lips better and outline the three-dimensional lip contour. What's more, it allows the matte finish of lipstick to be perfectly displayed. Foundation makeup brushes wholesale, the large-area foundation brush can make loose powder and powder close to the skin, achieving a light and moderate concealer effect. The angled brush head helps create a three-dimensional and delicate facial contour. Loose powder brush, the multi-functional fan-shaped brush is also a powerful tool for makeup. It has high flexibility and is especially suitable for applying loose powder, blush, and highlights to create an invisible and natural layering. What's even more unexpected is that makeup artists backstage at shows often use them as eyelash brushes to create soft and beautiful eyelashes. The advantages and disadvantages of natural bristles and synthetic bristles From a functional point of view, natural bristles made of natural animal hair are most suitable for brushing powder products. Animal hair, especially goat or mink hair, can hold onto the pigment particles in the powder, which means the color will be more evenly applied to the surface of your skin. Synthetic bristles made of synthetic mixed fibers are most suitable for applying cream or lotion-like products, because cosmetics with a relatively moist texture such as lipstick and foundation milk are easily absorbed by natural hair. That's why you'll find more liquid foundation left on the bristled foundation brush than on your skin. In terms of service life, the lifespan of natural bristles is 2-3 years. Makeup pigments will stain the makeup brushes and make it difficult to wash them off thoroughly. Therefore it is recommended that you replace it every few years. If you've been using them for waxy eyeliner or lip gloss, replace them every six months. The lifespan of synthetic bristles is permanent. If you use them carefully, clean them, and care for them, these brushes can accompany you to follow the fashion trends of each season. Finally compare the price. A synthetic fiber makeup brush costs around ten to tens of dollars on average. The price of natural bristles made of natural animal hair is naturally not cheap. Depending on the size and raw materials, the price varies widely. There are even several thousand yuan brushes on the market.
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