What kind of makeup brush should a novice use-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-19
Makeup brush: There are various shapes of makeup makeup brushes wholesale on the market, and the recommended makeup brushes for beginners are tongue-shaped brushes and toothbrushes. Tongue-shaped brush: Although it looks flat, there are several cut surfaces on the brush head that match the characteristics of the face, which can take care of the corners of the face. Flat : Shaped like a toothbrush, it's great for quick makeup application. There are several key points in choosing a makeup brush: 1. Try to choose artificial fiber hair. The price of artificial fiber hair is relatively cheap. As a novice, when you have not fully determined the brushes that suit you, don't take risks lightly. Some people are allergic to animal hair, and generally animal hair is very expensive. Wouldn't it be heartbreaking to buy it if you step on the thunder? Second, the brush should be tight. The base makeup that is brushed out with a tight brush will be even and docile, without brush marks. Three, don't pierce your face. This is the most important point. Eyebrow brushes generally choose a flat brush shape, like a trapezoid, with a narrow slope at the bottom. When choosing an eyebrow makeup brushes wholesale, be sure to choose the one with flat bristles at the bottom, so that it will be smooth when outlining the eyebrow shape. If there are bifurcations, there will be excess parts of the eyebrow line. Spiral brush Spiral makeup brushes wholesale is also called eyebrow brush. As the name suggests, it is to sweep away the excess eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil on the eyebrows to lighten the eyebrow color. Used before thrush, it can also comb the hair flow, organize the eyebrow shape, and help the follow-up thrush. Buy this kind of brush head that can be bent freely to fit the contours of the face. Eyeshadow A small, compact brush for applying or layering eyeshadow in small areas. Contouring brush: After all, I am a novice, and I can't use too many brushes. This brush is a fluffy angled makeup brushes wholesale that looks like a mini broom. It can be seen that its brush shape is very unique with a bevel, and the head is very round and fluffy. That's because the beveled part can take care of the contouring of the side of the face, and the fluffy brush-shaped smudged blush is also very suitable. Lip brush: No matter thick or thin coating or a biting lip makeup, a lip brush is essential to complete delicate lip makeup. The lip brush chooses this thin and long brush type, which can take good care of the corners of the lip shape, and it is also the most suitable for outlining the lip shape.
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