What kind of hair is good for makeup brushes?

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-13
In all makeup brushes, the preciousness of the hair is arranged in the order of mink hair, squirrel hair, horse hair, wool, and fiber hair.

The specific classification of makeup brushes is as follows:

According to the texture of the bristles: they are divided into natural animal bristles and man-made fiber bristles. It's not that animal hair is better than fiber hair, but it depends on the purpose of this brush. For example, foundation brush is more suitable for fiber hair, and many eye shadow brushes are more suitable for animal hair. There are many kinds of animal hair, the common ones are wool, pony hair, squirrel hair, yellow wolf tail hair and so on.

According to the purpose of the brush: facial brush: mainly includes foundation brush, loose powder brush, blush brush, contouring brush and so on. Eye and lip brushes: mainly include eyebrow brushes, eye shadow brushes, nose shadow brushes, lip brushes, etc. There are many kinds of eye shadow brushes. Because there are many layers when painting eye shadow, they will also be divided into spreading brushes, detail blending brushes, and blending brushes. Brush and so on.

According to the design of brush type: There are many types of brush type designs. The common ones are flat head type, round head type, bevel type, tongue type, flame type, flat head, etc. The choice of brush type is recommended for everyone to choose common For example, choose a loose powder brush and blush brush with a round head, which has a large area, a lot of powder and is convenient for smudging, and remember to shake the powder before applying the blush.

The use of makeup brush:

Dip an appropriate amount of cosmetics and apply it directly on the face. There are many types of makeup brushes. When you use them, you can decide the way to use them according to various cosmetics. But as long as you master the correct way, you can make your makeup more three-dimensional without any other problems. Choose the right one. The tools are the basics of makeup.

The characteristic of the liquid foundation brush is that it is relatively flat, and the density of the brush is particularly high. It’s easy to get scratches if you use force. The bristles of the loose powder brush are relatively soft, and it is the largest of the cosmetic brushes. It is basically an oval-shaped brush.

The most indispensable thing when making up is the eye shadow brush. Eye shadow brushes are basically oval, and the hair depth is relatively soft, which can make the eyes important and look more docile, but its sizes are all It's different, so you have to choose different specifications according to your eye shape to make your eye makeup more three-dimensional. In fact, there are many types of brushes. When choosing a brush, you should choose the one that suits your skin.

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