What kind of hair is better for makeup brushes-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-03-02
What kind of hair is better for makeup brushes? The hair of makeup brushes can be divided into two types, one is artificial bristles, and the other is animal hair. Among animal hairs, badger hair, horsetail hair, goat hair, sable hair and squirrel hair Hair, etc. belong to the first-class makeup bristles, and the price is relatively expensive. Artificial fiber hair is different from nylon hair. It is also loved by people because of its good effect and high cost performance. If it is in terms of quality and effect, animal hair is better. The most important thing is to see what cosmetics are used, such as: foundation, The natural barbs of animal hair such as loose powder can catch the powder more evenly. Mink hair: the best brush hair, soft and moderate in texture; Horse hair: harder than goat hair, mostly used as an eye shadow brush; goat hair: the most common bristle, soft and durable; squirrel hair: cheaper than mink hair and soft ; Man-made fibers: harder than the above animal hair, suitable for thick cream makeup. And if it is man-made fiber, there are many choices, try to choose high-quality fiber wool, high-quality fiber wool can be smooth and delicate in texture, and has an excellent touch. Nylon: The texture is the hardest, and it is mostly used as an eyelash brush and eyebrow brush. Among all cosmetic brushes, the preciousness of hair is sable hair, squirrel hair (including Canadian squirrel hair, squirrel hair, blue-bellied mouse hair, etc.), horse hair, wool, and fiber hair. There is no such thing as good or bad. Depends on what kind of makeup you need: 1. If you like natural and soft makeup, or your skin is allergic and fragile, then it is better to choose soft bristles, the first choice is squirrel hair, and the second best Pony hair is also good, because the bristles are soft, less elastic, and relatively weak in powder grasping ability, so each time you don’t pick up a lot of powder, it’s easy to hold when coloring, brushing a small amount on the face each time can achieve very Natural smudge effect. 2. If you need a strong and vivid makeup look, and your makeup skills are acceptable, you can use a slightly harder blush makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale. This kind of blush brush takes more powder, has a precise color range, and is quick to apply. The technique of shape requires a high level of control, and rough smooth wool texture can be used. The quality of the nylon fiber brush is also good. The fiber brush is characterized by easy maintenance, and the bristles are moderate in hardness and elasticity. 3. As for the bristles of the medium light front and the fine light front, the bristles are a little softer, the difference is not much, and they are all made of wool. Of course, some brands of large eye shadow brushes can be used as partial blush brushes. At present, small blush brushes are also popular in Korea. Because they are more accurate, they may become a popular trend in the future. Here is the content about what kind of hair is better for makeup brushes. My personal suggestion is that if you are a novice, you can still buy a brush with squirrel hair. Many imitations and miscellaneous brands occasionally have fine squirrel hair, and the price is acceptable. . However, we should pay attention when purchasing cosmetic makeup brushes wholesale. If you choose a regular brand or manufacturer to avoid quality problems with brushes, there is no place to solve them, which will make it difficult to protect your rights. If you don’t know how to choose cosmetic brushes, you can contact us for your guidance.
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