What is the use of applicator in makeup?

by:Suprabeauty     2023-07-08

Makeup is an inseparable part of women's lives, whether it's just a simple touch-up or a full-blown glam look. A variety of makeup products are available in the market today, including lipsticks, blushes, eyeshadows, foundations, and concealers. To achieve the perfect look, one needs the right tools to apply these products. And when it comes to tools, applicators are at the forefront.

An applicator is a tool designed to apply makeup products efficiently and easily. Different products require different types of applicators, ensuring a successful makeup application. From brushes to sponges, there are numerous applicators available in the market today. Applicators not only make your makeup application simpler, but they also enhance the overall look of your makeup.

Types of Applicators

1. Sponge Applicator:

Sponge applicators have been around for ages and are still widely used in makeup. They are an efficient way of applying and blending products, especially cream-based ones. Sponges come in various shapes and sizes and are ideally used for applying foundation and concealer.

2. Brush Applicator:

Brushes are one of the most commonly used makeup applicators and come in a range of sizes and shapes. They are ideal for applying powder-based products such as blush, bronzer, and eyeshadow. Brushes are available in synthetic and natural fibers, and each type is designed for specific purposes.

3. Powder Puff:

Powder puffs are made of soft fibers and are used to apply powder-based products such as loose powder and compact powder. They are an ideal choice for people who want more coverage and a matte finish.

4. Silicon Applicator:

Silicon applicators are the latest technology in makeup applicators and are designed to apply liquid-based products such as foundation and concealer. They are easy to use and reduce wastage as no product is absorbed into the applicator.

5. Cotton Swabs:

Cotton swabs are widely used to clean up makeup mistakes, especially around the eyes. They can also be used to apply products precisely, making them an ideal choice for people who are new to makeup or those who want to create a specific look.

Why use an Applicator?

1. Hygiene:

Using your hands to apply makeup can lead to the transfer of bacteria and dirt onto your face, which can cause breakouts and skin irritation. Applicators offer a more hygienic way of applying makeup, ensuring that your skin remains clean and clear.

2. Precision:

Applicators are designed to apply makeup precisely and evenly, ensuring a flawless finish. They allow you to control the amount of product you use, and the application is more consistent than it would be with your fingers.

3. Enhanced Coverage:

Using an applicator can enhance the coverage of your makeup application. Brushes are designed to pick up more product than fingers, ensuring that the product is evenly distributed across your skin. This reduces the chances of patches or uneven application.

4. Prevents Wastage:

Using an applicator can help you make the most of your makeup products, as it reduces wastage. With an applicator, you can control the amount of product you use, which results in less product being wasted.

5. Blending:

Applicators are designed to blend products seamlessly, ensuring a professional finish. Sponges, for example, effortlessly blend out foundation and concealer, creating a natural-looking finish. Similarly, brushes blend eyeshadows and blushes for a seamless gradient.

Tips for Using an Applicator:

1. Clean Your Applicators Regularly:

Applicators can harbor bacteria and dirt, which can lead to breakouts and infections. It's essential to clean your applicators regularly to keep them hygienic. Wash brushes and sponges with mild soap and water, rinse well, and air-dry.

2. Use the Right Applicator for the Right Product:

Different products require different applicators for optimal performance. Using the right applicator ensures that you get the best results from your makeup products. For example, use a brush for powder-based products, a sponge for cream-based products, and a silicon applicator for liquid-based products.

3. Use Applicators to their Full Potential:

Applicators are designed to make your makeup application easier. Use them to their full potential by following the manufacturer's instructions and watching tutorials online. Learn to use each applicator for its unique purpose, and you'll become a pro in no time.

4. Keep Your Applicator Collection Simple:

There are countless applicators available in the market, but you don't need them all. Start with a few essential applicators, such as a powder brush, eyeshadow brush, and foundation sponge. Add to your collection as you go along.

5. Replace Your Applicators Regularly:

Over time, applicators can become worn and less effective. Replace your applicators regularly to ensure that they work their best. Brushes should be replaced every few months, while sponges and silicon applicators should be replaced every few weeks to a month.


Applicators are an essential tool in any makeup lover's kit. They enhance the application of makeup products, ensuring that you achieve the desired look. With the numerous types of applicators available in the market today, it's essential to use the right one to obtain optimal results. Remember to keep your applicators clean, use them to their full potential, and replace them regularly to maintain their effectiveness.

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