What is the hair of makeup brush? The difference between makeup brushes

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-12
Makeup brushes are an indispensable and important tool for makeup. There are many types. There are eyeshadow brushes for applying eyeshadow, foundation brushes for foundation, and blush brushes for applying blush. These makeup brushes are moistened with bristles. Take makeup to create better results. But has anyone noticed that the bristles of makeup brushes are also different? So what is the hair of the makeup brush? What is the difference between the various hairs of makeup brushes?  What is the hair of the makeup brush?   The hair of the makeup brush is mainly divided into two types: animal hair and artificial hair.  Animal hair mainly includes yellow wolf hair, squirrel hair, goat hair, horse hair, pig bristles, etc.; while artificial hair mainly includes fiber hair and nylon hair.  The difference between various hairs of makeup brush  Animal hair is generally expensive, has a strong ability to grasp powder, and the hair is fluffy but easily deformed, so it is more suitable for powdered cosmetics.   squirrel hair: commonly used in loose powder brushes and blush brushes, it has the best softness;    pig bristle: often used on eyebrow powder brushes, the texture is the hardest;    goat hair: widely used in various types of makeup brushes, the most common and affordable.   Yellow wolf hair: commonly used on eye shadow brushes, it has moderate elasticity and hardness; it is expensive and difficult to maintain, has weak antibacterial ability, and is difficult to take care of. Makeup brushes made with it have a short lifespan.  The price of artificial hair is low, the hair is soft, elastic, durable and washable, so it is more suitable for liquid and paste makeup. The difference between    artificial hair and animal hair is that the surface of animal hair is uneven, which allows part of the powder to stay, while the surface of artificial hair is smooth, and the powder will slide down.   The above is the difference between the various bristles of makeup brushes. The makeup brushes made of different bristles are suitable for different makeup, so buy makeup brushes with suitable bristles according to your needs!
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