What is the foundation brush and how to clean it? Does foundation brush have a shelf life? Common sense of cosmetics

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-10
It is particularly bad if the foundation brush is left unwashed for a long time, so the brush will be particularly prone to bacteria, and a lot of foundation will remain on the foundation brush, which may cause facial infections or facial allergies. Frequent cleaning of the foundation brush will make it look like new, and it will make the brush more durable. But many friends do not know how to clean the liquid foundation, and don't know how to clean the liquid foundation. Today I will popularize the way to clean the liquid foundation! How to clean the foundation brush:    Step 1: Use warm water to wash, hit the brush head with a faucet, keep the brush head tilted downward, but be careful not to run into the brush handle to avoid damage (not too high temperature hot water );    Step 2: Mix baby shower gel, olive oil and water in a ratio of 1:1:1 to make a cleaning agent for cleaning. This cleaning agent can remove residual materials on the brush head, foundation and makeup. After cleaning, wash off the foam on the brush head until all the foam on the brush head is cleaned (pay attention to whether it is cleaned to the middle of the brush head). Step 3: Use a dry towel to absorb the water in the brush head. The water is not completely dry after absorbing it. We can use a rope or rubber band to wrap the foundation brush on the top of the foundation brush. Hang down for a while, and wait for it to dry.  How often do I wash the foundation brush?   In general, the foundation brush is cleaned once a week, but some friends will use it once. If you need to use the foundation brush for makeup every day, cleaning it once a day will damage the foundation brush.   Does the foundation brush have a shelf life?   The foundation brush has no expiration date, so it can be used forever. But the foundation brush should be cleaned frequently, because the foundation brush is used on the entire face. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will breed a lot of bacteria, and then the bacteria will be brought to the face during makeup, which may cause facial allergies or facial infections. .   So, remember to clean your makeup brushes regularly.
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