What is the difference between the methods used by different types of makeup brushes?-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-03-06
Different brushes have different cleaning frequency due to different purposes and materials. Here is the simplest way to distinguish: the higher the oil content, the more frequent the cleaning frequency. Because oil residues are easy to attach to dirt and breed bacteria, making the brush more and more dirty when used, and endangering skin health, so it is necessary to be more diligent in cleaning. What is the difference between different types of makeup brushes? The following editor will explain to you: 1. Flat-mouth makeup brushes. Flat-mouth makeup brushes can also be used as loose powder makeup brushes wholesale. My MM can use this to apply loose powder. The makeup on this flat makeup brush will be thinner than traditional makeup brushes because its bristles are relatively sparse. Powder, blush cake, and highlight cake can all be brushed with this brush, and the effect is great. 2. Angled makeup brush I usually use it for oblique blush, and for contouring. Because of its oblique angle, it can make the color more linear, and it can also be taken into account in places with radians. When using it for blush, brush it obliquely from the temple to the cheekbones--use it with caution for MMs with high cheekbones. 3. Flat-head foundation brush (large) The flat-head foundation brush is the most common and traditional one. The good thing about this kind of foundation brush is that it can be used to mix some things. For example, your acne marks and freckles are obvious. Use It takes a lot of patience to apply it carefully from the center of the face to both sides, especially the nose and the corners of the eyes. Don't take too much each time, you can brush out the smoothest powder makeup. Features: Wide and flat, with high brush density, it can apply the most martial makeup with the thinnest and most penetrating technique. 4. Flat-head foundation brush (small) This small flat-head foundation brush is usually used to apply some delicate areas, such as the corners of the eyes and the wings of the nose. Can also be used for creamy highlights and shadows. The brush head is too small to apply makeup very slowly and prone to makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale marks==, but it is good to use it locally as an auxiliary, unless you are not in a hurry to take it slowly. 5. The foundation brush with a round head. The foundation brush with a slanted flat mouth does not require skill to use and is not prone to drag marks. For girls with better skin, you can use this brush to apply thin and sticky makeup. But it is not recommended for girls whose skin surface is not smooth enough. When the round-head foundation brush is used, the brush is perpendicular to the face. After pointing the liquid foundation on the face with your fingers, slowly push the liquid foundation away in a circular motion. Of course, it can also be used to apply powder and cream. 6. Concealer brush Concealer brushes are made of fibrous hair, not animal hair, and are easier to clean. The bristles are flat, and the size of the bristles is about the same as the nail cap of the index finger or little finger. The specific usage is that there are different sizes, the large one is suitable for uneven pigmentation, and the small one is suitable for acne marks. Gradually move from the center of the patch to both sides, and smooth it evenly in a fine spiral manner. Ma Ma no longer has to worry about me going out with a blemish on my face. Features: flat, moderate hardness of the brush. 7. Tapered eye shadow brush Tapered eye shadow brush, because its bristles are loose, can be used to create a smudge effect, remove the edge of the eye shadow, and create that natural excessive effect. There are many types of eye shadow brushes in different sizes, which are suitable for different places. Larger eye shadow brushes are more suitable for large areas of color, and small models are of course suitable for the treatment of details. The shape of the brush head is pointed, which is also very suitable for some delicate places, such as deepening the color in the eye sockets and the ends of the eyes. Features: Oval. The softer the hair, the more docile the eye makeup, the size varies, and different sizes are used according to individual eye shapes. 8. Contour brushes Contour brushes are mostly in the shape of beveled or small round heads, depending on personal preference. I prefer the angled contouring brush because the angled shape fits the curves of the face better. Contouring brushes generally have less elasticity and can naturally grasp powder. 9. Highlight brush The highlight brush generally has a small round head and should not be too large. When using it, dip the highlight powder and apply it on the area that needs highlight on the face. This brush is called a contour brush, and I like beveled angles for contouring, so I use this brush for highlighting. The size is just right, don't use too big a highlight brush, after all, the highlight area is not big, unless you want to brush the whole face.
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