What is the difference between makeup brushes and sponge makeup? The difference between liquid foundation on brushes and sponges

by:Suprabeauty     2023-03-01
There are many makeup tools. Makeup brushes and makeup sponges are very common makeup tools. The textures, methods of use and applicable parts of makeup brushes and makeup sponges are different. There are certain differences between the two. The difference between makeup brushes and sponge makeup The difference between makeup brushes and sponge makeup is the appearance, method of use and suitable skin. The tools used for makeup include makeup brushes and sponge makeup brushes, which are different in appearance, usage and applicability. The first is the difference in appearance. Sponge makeup brushes are made of sponge and have a fluffy and soft texture. The shape of the make-up brush head is peach-shaped, and the brush head of the foundation makeup brush is raindrop-shaped. These two shapes of brush heads can be used to modify various parts of the face. The brush head of the makeup brush is a fine bristle that spreads out in an umbrella shape. Good quality makeup brushes with soft makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale heads. The sponge makeup brush is suitable for combination and oily skin. Its makeup effect is to make the skin thinner and brighter, and it has a long-lasting effect. When applying makeup with a sponge makeup brush, the first step is to do pre-makeup skin care. Dip the primer with a sponge to make a base for the skin, which can make the pores of the skin more delicate and the skin tone more even. When applying, first use the pressing method, and then slowly spread evenly. When applying foundation, use a damp sponge to take up the liquid foundation, apply it evenly from the inside to the outside from the cheeks, and pat lightly, so that the skin color of the base makeup is even, clear and natural. The soft bristle makeup brush can be applied to all skin types. Before applying makeup, first use a primer to prime the skin. Choose a flat foundation brush, take up the primer, and brush from the inside out from the bottom to the top. It should be noted that don't forget the small parts such as the corners of the eyes and mouth. Use a tube-shaped foundation brush, use the brush to dip in the liquid foundation, and makeup brushes wholesale evenly on the face, which will instantly hide the pores. If there are spots and acne marks on the face, you can use a small concealer brush to dip in an appropriate amount of concealer and cover it in a spot-on manner. The above is the difference between makeup brushes and sponge makeup. The difference between the liquid foundation on the brush and the sponge The main differences between the liquid foundation on the brush and the sponge are: makeup effect, makeup time, novice friendliness, etc. The liquid foundation on the brush can present a matte and matte makeup, but it is more challenging, so experienced makeup artists and professional makeup artists tend to use the liquid foundation on the makeup brushes wholesale. The liquid foundation on the sponge is more clear, convenient and quick, so it is more suitable for beginners to use the liquid foundation on the sponge. Advantages and disadvantages of the foundation brush Advantages: natural makeup, even and thin. Disadvantages: difficult to grasp the strength, inconvenient to carry, weak concealer The applicable crowd of the foundation brush: the advantages of brush application can completely retain the original texture of the foundation, flexible operation and The thickness of the base makeup brushed out is uniform, and the service life is relatively long. The only thing is that the strength is not easy to master, and powder marks are prone to appear, so it is suitable for people who are more skilled in makeup. Foundation makeup brushes wholesale are mainly divided into: tongue brushes, flat brushes, and round makeup brushes wholesale , toothbrush type, etc. But the tongue-shaped brush is like painting, it is very prone to powder marks, so it is not recommended for makeup beginners~ Advantages and disadvantages of sponges Advantages: details and blemishes are treated more delicately, creating moist and shiny skin Disadvantages: Slightly powder-absorbing, powder-sticking sponge Applicable people: Comparing with brushes, sponges are more detailed in handling details, and can cover flawed parts better. Its own elasticity is very good, and there will be no obvious indentation when pressed. The makeup effect will be more obvious. But it will be more troublesome when dealing with large areas, and it will be more powdery. No matter what kind of makeup tools you use, you must clean or replace them regularly. If you don’t pay attention to this aspect of hygiene, it is easy to breed bacteria and cause skin irritation. Problems, long and closed mouth, acne, acne, etc. Generally speaking, small sponges can be thrown away after use, but general makeup brushes and sponge eggs are relatively cost-effective, and the replacement frequency does not need to be too high. Therefore, regular cleaning is very important
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