What is the difference between cheap makeup brushes and expensive makeup brushes

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-21
The price of the makeup brush is determined according to the hair of the makeup brush. There are many kinds of hair quality of the makeup brush. Different hair quality has obvious difference in the makeup effect. The skin is very tender. If the hair of the makeup brush is too rough, it will affect the makeup effect. It can also irritate the skin on the face. Let me explain the difference between cheap makeup brushes and expensive makeup brushes. 1. Makeup brushes are divided into fibrous hair, animal hair, and mixed hair, and inferior fiber hair. The hair quality is the same as that on the mannequins in clothing stores. 2. The price is generally below ten yuan. It is very sticky, it hurts to use on the face, the ability to hold powder is poor, and it is not easy to color. 3. The smudging effect of cheap makeup brushes is very poor, prone to color blocks, and easy to shed hair. When brushing on the face, a lot of hair will fall off, which is difficult to clean. 4. The joints are made of low-quality glue, which will fall off when exposed to water and cannot be cleaned. 5. Ordinary fiber hair is soft and fluffy, and the hair is very thin. The price is around 10 yuan to 100 yuan. It is very soft and does not irritate the skin, but it has poor ability to hold powder and it is difficult to color. 6. Ordinary fiber hair has no support and cannot be blended. There will also be hair loss or glue falling. If the pursuit of brushes is not very high, it is very good to buy a makeup brushes wholesale with fiber hair to apply loose powder. It is very fluffy and comfortable on the face. 7. Poor ability to hold powder is not a problem for loose powder, and it can also make the makeup surface very thin. Another feature of cheap makeup makeup brushes wholesale is that there are usually only loose powder brushes, flat eye shadow brushes, lip brushes and eyebrow brushes, and there are very few other brushes that will be used. 8. People who are particular about makeup brushes will not buy cheap brushes, so they don't need to produce multifunctional brushes. 9. Animal hair brushes. Generally made of natural animal hair. There are several types according to the quality. The specially processed bristles are moderately soft, comfortable on the face, and the bristles have a certain degree of support. 10. Strong powder grasping power. Animal hair makeup brushes wholesale can be used to apply creams, liquids, powders, and more. The design is more scientific. It is more suitable for the contour of the face, easier to master, more types, fine classification, exquisite production, and better quality. Cheap makeup brushes have a poor experience, and the quality is not guaranteed. It is not recommended to use them. Moreover, for people with poor skin quality, the bristles of makeup brushes can also cause skin allergies and skin irritation, so when choosing makeup brushes, try to choose quality Okay, the above is the whole content of the difference between cheap makeup brushes and expensive makeup brushes today, I hope to help you.
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