What harm will happen if the makeup brush is not cleaned for a long time?

by:Suprabeauty     2023-04-21

As people become more and more dependent on cosmetics, makeup has become a daily necessity for people. There are also many beginners who don’t know how to clean makeup brushes and don’t know how to clean them. What harm does it lead to, let's take a look below.

makeup brush set

Essential items for makeup: foundation brush, loose powder brush, eye shadow brush, blush brush, lip brush

The dangers of not washing makeup brushes on the skin

1. When we do makeup, we need so many brushes to make a delicate makeup. If you use makeup brushes that are not washed for a long time, it will cause acne and allergies on the face. The acne makeup brushes on the face are the culprit. Wash them and beauty brushes become disfiguring brushes. Especially for foundation brushes and wet brushes, if they are not cleaned in time, the bacteria that grow in the bristles will cause great damage to the fragile skin.

Cleaning method: cleaning the brush must not be rough! Rubbing back and forth, as well as drying with a hair dryer, are all wrong, doing so will only make your brush wash"bloomed", there is no possibility of recovery. Brushes should not be cleaned until they are dirty. Wet brushes such as foundation brushes and eyeliner brushes are very prone to bacteria and damage the skin. They need to be cleaned within ten days at most. Dry brushes such as blush brushes and loose powder brushes, Cleaning once every two to three months is enough.

2. Do not clean the makeup brush for a long time. Since the makeup brush will stick to the oil on the skin when wiping the skin, the cosmetic will undergo qualitative changes after repeated use. If it is not cleaned for too long, a large amount of cosmetic residue will be left, and it is difficult to control the effect of makeup when it is used for the second time.

Makeup brush cleaning steps:

(1) After each use of the makeup brush, it should be lightly brushed along the direction of the hair on a dry paper towel to wipe off the excess residual makeup.

(2) Pay attention to maintenance once a week. Soak the brush in a special cleaning agent, wash it along the hair, and then rinse it with cold water. Finally, lightly press with tissue paper to absorb the moisture.

(3) After the brush is cleaned, it should be placed in a cool and ventilated place to air dry naturally. Do not use a hair dryer to dry it, otherwise it may cause damage to the bristles.

(4) After washing, apply conditioner and rinse with water to make the bristles softer.

The correct way is to use clean water and wet it in the natural direction of the brush

Use a special paint brush to clean the product, and gently brush back and forth in the palm of your hand.

If the brushes are dirty, there are also many paint cleaning boards on the market.

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