What cosmetics can replace makeup brushes? -Company News-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-18
A complete set of makeup brushes can reach more than 30 pieces. To create a perfect makeup, professional makeup brushes are essential. What cosmetics can replace makeup brushes? Please see the following: What cosmetics can replace makeup brushes? (1) Triangular sponges can replace: foundation brushes, concealer brushes. Triangular sponges have precise corners and can replace makeup brushes on foundation and concealer, it helps you blend eye shadow, and it can be used to apply water-based products like moisturizer and touch-up toner, as well as dry products like foundation and concealer. (2) Cotton swabs can replace: lip brush Cotton swabs are already an essential item in the cosmetic bag, and are often used to correct makeup mistakes: including smudged mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. The cotton swab also doubles as a lip brush to pick up liquid lipstick, just the right size to evenly blend red on lips. (3) Cotton cotton can replace: blush brush. The round cotton pad is generally used to apply toner, and it can also be used to apply blush powder. Use a piece of cotton pad to gently dip the blush, put it on the cheekbones and press lightly, the color of the blush will be stained on the face, leaving no powder remaining, the effect is very natural and even. Because it is easy to absorb and absorb powder, cotton pads are also suitable for replacing solid cosmetic powders such as pressed powder. Usually, after using the makeup brushes wholesale, you can dip some powder and use the powder to remove the color on the makeup brushes wholesale. When cleaning brushes, a professional makeup brushes wholesale cleaner should be used, which can not only disinfect the makeup brushes wholesale, but also form a protective film on the brush head. Don't clean brushes too frequently, especially animal hair brushes, wash them with less water.
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