What bristles are good for makeup brushes?-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-03-02
Among all makeup brushes, the preciousness of the hair is sable hair, squirrel hair, horse hair, wool, and fiber hair. There is no such thing as good or bad, it depends on what kind of makeup is required. The specific classification of makeup brushes is as follows: According to the texture of the bristles: it is divided into natural animal bristles and artificial fiber bristles. It's not that animal hair is better than fiber hair, but it depends on the purpose of the brush. For example, foundation brushes are more suitable for fiber hair, and many eye shadow brushes are more suitable for animal hair. There are many kinds of animal hair, the common ones are wool, pony hair, squirrel hair, yellow wolf tail hair and so on. According to the purpose of the brush: Facial brush: mainly includes foundation brush, loose powder brush, blush brush, contour brush, etc. Eye and lip brushes: mainly include eyebrow makeup brushes wholesale, eye shadow brushes, nose shadow brushes, lip makeup brushes wholesale, etc. There are many kinds of eye shadow brushes. Because there are many layers when painting eye shadows, they are also divided into color spreading makeup brushes wholesale, detail blending brushes, and blending brushes. and so on. According to the makeup brushes wholesale type design: There are also many types of brush type designs, the common ones are flat head type, round head type, bevel type, tongue type, flame type, flat head, etc. The choice of brush type is recommended to choose the common type. For example, the loose powder brush and the blush brush choose a round head, which has a large area, takes a lot of powder and is easy to smudge, and remember to shake the powder before applying blush.
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