What brand of makeup brush is good: Pony's new recommendation for a week-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-03-02
What brand of make-up brushes is good: Pony’s new recommendation for a week is here again, let’s take a look at what good-looking (and the public can’t learn) Pony has put on recently. The single makeup brush recommended by the goddess Pony during the live makeup, what new tricks will it bring to novice makeup artists this time? Smudges on the skin, and the makeup brushes are inspired by the gradation effect of animals in their natural expression. Check out this scalloped stucco brush below. Do these makeup brushes look very beautiful? Because the bristles of this makeup brush are all artificially selected animal hairs, which imitate the appearance of natural animal hairs with hierarchical color difference. Therefore, in order to express the effect of the bristles, the design of the brush handle of Ebcbrush is also slightly monotonous and slender. The brown gradation effect is achieved by using yellow weasel (because it has a tan or orange coat). Of course, it took many trials and failures to achieve the present effect. Each makeup makeup brushes wholesale is made of high-quality animal hair and is supported by a 10cm aluminum rod. The pink bristles are intended to create a 'girly' effect and give people a very comfortable experience. Such a makeup brushes wholesale looks like cheeks when she was shy, or like pink memories. The designer has a strong girlish atmosphere, satisfying the hearts of all girls. The final step in making makeup brushes wholesale is shaping them to give them a flatter, paper-like appearance. 'Each brush has its own single function, but after they are arranged and combined in different ways, we can create new relationships and interesting stories with them.' Doesn’t it feel like the wallet is empty again, so are you satisfied with the makeup makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale card that Pony made this time? Hope to help you find your favorite makeup brush.
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