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by:Suprabeauty     2023-03-02
What brand of cosmetic makeup brushes wholesale is good? The material of the brush shaft of the cosmetic brush generally includes acrylic, plastic, wooden pole, bamboo pole, metal pole, resin, etc. 90% of the nozzle on the brush is made of aluminum tube, which is rarely on the market. There are copper pipes, the cost is too high. The most common ones are bamboo poles and wooden poles. Birch is the most widely used wooden pole. In addition, there are high-grade sandalwood. Needless to say, sandalwood is the most expensive, but logs are expensive. expensive. The rest are relatively common. Acrylic is relatively more expensive and needs to be molded. Generally, acrylic is selected by large households who want to mass-produce a certain style or series. Therefore, makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale factories capable of producing acrylic brush holders are generally A little basic, not a small retail investor. It is acrylic, and there are many kinds of makeup brushes on the market that also have acrylic handles, but the cost of their makeup makeup brushes wholesale is all on the handle, and the quality of the brush head is reduced. Makeup brushes, also known as makeup brushes, generally consist of three parts: a makeup brushes wholesale handle, a metal nozzle, and a brush head. Cosmetic brush bristles (1) Animal hair Yellow wolf tail hair: It is the best among the bristles, soft and elastic, comfortable to use and can evenly apply eye shadow, which is recognized by the majority of makeup artists. The main production areas are in Hebei and the three northeastern provinces. Goat hair: The most common animal hair material, soft and durable. At the same time, there are 21 types of goat hair, which are suitable for professional makeup brushes: No. 0, water fade, yellow peak, yellow and white peak, white peak, medium light peak, and fine light peak. The main production areas are in Henan, Hebei, and Wuxi. Horsehair: Good softness, slightly less elastic. According to the color, it is divided into authentic color, dark color, and black. Among them, black is relatively small. Calculated nationwide, the annual output will not be 10,000 kilograms. The main place of production is in Hebei. (2) Man-made fibers According to the hair peak, they are divided into sharpened fibers and non-sharpened fibers. The sharpened fiber hair peak is slender and soft, and the wool strip is more elastic than animal hair, and it does not absorb powder and is easy to clean. It is suitable for thick cream makeup. In addition to the difference in bristle material, the brush heads of professional brushes also adopt different sizes and shapes according to the different makeup parts, presenting a variety of curved, pointed and oblique or flat brush head shapes. Whether the lines and radians of the brush head are smooth will affect the effect of makeup application, so the shape of the brush head is also an important factor affecting the effect of makeup application. The softer and more dispersed the bristles, the weaker the powder-holding power, which is suitable for smudging or coloring that requires a small amount of multiple times; the denser and harder the bristles, the stronger the powder-holding power, which is suitable for strengthening or where color development is required.
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