What brand of makeup brush has the best hair quality-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-03-02
There are many kinds of hairs of makeup brushes on the market. What brand of makeup brushes has the best hair quality? These bristles are usually summarized into two categories in the industry: natural bristles (animal hair) and artificial bristles (synthetic fibers). There is no absolute difference between natural bristles and artificial bristles, it mainly depends on the price of the makeup brush. Generally, the cost of animal hair is high and the price is more expensive than artificial bristles. The comfort and quality are better. No matter what kind of makeup brush, you must know how to cherish the makeup brush and how to clean the makeup brush. I believe that any makeup artist will tell you without hesitation that the first secret of their makeup is tools, and the second is experience. The right tools can help you achieve the look you want with precision and ease. When you choose the right makeup brushes, they'll help you create the look you want, with every part of you being precise. Having a good set of makeup brushes can mean years of good or bad makeup results. The quality of a brush is directly proportional to its price. A 400 yuan blush brush, if you take good care of it, it can be used for several years or even ten years. Natural bristles are the best. Animal hair is as soft as human hair and has a natural cuticle, making it easier to grab powder and apply makeup evenly. Blue squirrel is the best (and most expensive), but pony hair, cashmere goat, and mink are also good. Of course, don't miss the synthetic brushes, they can be very good for applying makeup liquids and creams. Traditionally, natural hair brushes are more suitable for applying dry products, such as blush and eye shadow. Different types of hair (including badger hair, ponytail, goat hair, sable hair, and squirrel hair, etc.) also have their own functions. For example, sable is a great hair type for both wet and dry products, while badger is great for coloring and color control. Faux makeup makeup brushes wholesale are better for applying cream or liquid products like concealer or foundation because they absorb the product less easily than natural hair. The choice of makeup brushes will affect the effect of makeup. The makeup of each part is different. Don’t use the same makeup brush to save money, but use different cosmetics. Cross-use will not only disrupt the color of the makeup, but also make the makeup more difficult. Different cosmetics mixed together. In terms of performance, don't worry too much about whether your brush bristles are natural or artificial - as long as it does what you want. Regardless of the material of the makeup brush, it should have the following points: the bristles should not be too hard or firm, and should be flexible so that you can outline the outline of the face and eyes well; hard and dense bristles will precipitate more than soft and loose bristles more colors. So when you choose a makeup brush, please keep in mind that you will need a variety of hair brushes. It is recommended to use bristle foundation makeup brushes wholesale for makeup brushes. It is recommended to use mid-priced makeup brushes for foundation brushes, because there are many colors of foundation brushes. In order not to confuse the colors of foundation brushes, makeup brushes need to be washed frequently. It’s not so beautiful when you look at it. All beauties love beauty and like to go shopping. When they see a good makeup brush, they will definitely buy it, so it’s better not to buy too expensive foundation brushes. Concealer This medium-sized oval brush has multiple bristles, such as sable hair or badger hair. This brush is used to apply cream products to areas that need coverage, such as blemishes, blemishes, or under the eyes. Many makeup artists ditch this tool after using a more rigid concealer brush, but this is a great foundation makeup brushes wholesale to have in your makeup cabinet because it will help you create a lot of detail. Moreover, its shape is also very versatile. That’s all for today’s sharing of what brand of makeup brushes have the best hair quality. The best animal hair: Weasel’s tail hair: it’s the best brush hair, soft and elastic. Goat hair: The most common animal hair material, soft and durable. Horse hair: good softness, slightly less elastic. After reading these makeup brushes, are you a little excited? If you want to know more about makeup brushes, you can contact customer service for consultation.
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