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by:Suprabeauty     2023-03-07
'What brand is good?' Cosmetic brush science will teach you how to choose a cosmetic brush. To choose a cosmetic brush, we first know the material characteristics of the cosmetic brush. Cosmetic brushes are divided into artificial hair and animal hair. In terms of price, fiber hair is cheaper, and animal hair is more expensive. , but there is no saying which kind of hair is better, whether it is good to use depends on the purpose and craftsmanship. Artificial hair is divided into fiber material and nylon material, and animal hair is divided into wool, squirrel hair, pony hair, raccoon dog hair, weasel tail hair, scorpion hair and so on. The following editor will give you a detailed science. Classification of makeup brushes: According to the texture of the bristles: it is divided into natural animal bristles and artificial fiber bristles. It's not that animal hair is better than fiber hair, but it depends on the purpose of your brush. For example, foundation brushes are more suitable for fiber hair, and many eye shadow brushes are more suitable for animal hair. There are many kinds of animal hair, the common ones are wool, pony hair, squirrel hair, yellow wolf tail hair and so on. Uses of brushes: Facial brushes: mainly include foundation brushes, loose powder brushes, blush brushes, contouring brushes, etc. Eye and lip brushes: mainly include eyebrow brushes, eye shadow brushes, nose shadow brushes, lip makeup brushes wholesale, etc. There are many kinds of eye shadow brushes. Because there are many layers when painting eye shadows, they are also divided into color spreading brushes, detail blending brushes, and blending brushes. and so on. type design: There are also many kinds of brush type designs. The common ones are flat head type, round head type, bevel type, tongue type, flame type, flat head, etc. The choice of brush type is recommended to choose common types, such as The loose powder brush and the blush brush choose the round head, which has a large area, takes a lot of powder and is easy to smudge, and remember to shake the powder before applying the blush to prevent too heavy hands. Of course, makeup brushes are still used by yourself The main thing is to use it comfortably. It doesn’t have to be what this kind of makeup brush can only do. You can use it as you want, but the brush type is still inseparable. Choose a makeup brush: You can choose a flat head or a tongue-shaped base brush, but the tongue-shaped brush requires a high makeup technique, and it is easy to leave brush marks, and because the makeup is not fast enough, the liquid foundation will dry on the face. 'Therefore, the flat head is more convenient and simpler. When using a flat head brush for makeup, it has a large contact area with the skin, and the base makeup can be done quickly, and the hair of the head brush is tight, which is considerate for basic makeup services and is not easy to produce brush marks . But if there is a fairy who wants to challenge herself and want to use makeup without makeup, you can watch the video of Pony Park Huimin, her technique is really textbook-level, it can be called art! The foundation on the foundation will be better, and the concealer effect It would be better too, don't try too hard to draw circles, so the foundation is not easy to paint evenly, the foundation is to even out the skin tone. 'If this base makeup makes the base makeup patchy, then the base makeup is the most important in the whole makeup procedure. It must be slowly pushed on the foundation with a foundation makeup brushes wholesale, and then pushed along the texture of the skin, so that the base makeup can be fine and not mottled. Subsequent makeup will also be more convenient and more detailed. Of course, if you choose to make up on the basis of sponge eggs, you must choose better sponge eggs, because poor-quality sponge eggs are heavy to eat, on the contrary, they are more wasteful. Before applying makeup, you must first wet the makeup egg and absorb enough water. Dry off the water before using it so the powder is less severe. Eye shadow brushes are generally divided into large and medium sizes. The large ones are mainly used for bottoming out. Generally, flat brushes are used, medium brushes are used for main colors, and flat brushes are also optional, but slightly smaller than the bottom ones. Secondary accounts are used to handle details. Some girls will also start to use the halo brush, and use the brush to dazzle after applying eye shadow, which can make the eye makeup more natural and make the makeup effect better! Girls who pursue details will also start to use the halo brush, which is more complicated in color levels , the detail vertigo dyeing brush can take good care of the details, making the eye makeup more delicate and beautiful. For Cheek and cheekbone repair, I recommend the oblique head shadow brush. 'The shape of the bottom of this bevel finishing brush is very close to such a shape, it does not require deliberate control, nor does it require high depth skills, it can repair a very natural shadow range, this shape repair brush is easy to position and hit the shadow. Repairing on it must be done less times, and the dizziness must be clean, otherwise it will make the makeup dirty. You can also choose a suitable repair method according to your face shape. The focus of each face repair can be different. The science of makeup brushes shared today will teach you how to choose makeup brushes. The content is here. It is a manufacturer specializing in the production of OEM cosmetic brushes. 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