What are the ways to teach you how to buy makeup brushes? -

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-19
Tips for purchasing cosmetic brushes. When we choose cosmetic brushes, we don’t know how to choose them. We just think they look good or buy them from the introduction of the shopping guide. However, this method is not enough to choose a good cosmetic brush. The following editor Teach you how to choose makeup brushes. When choosing a professional cosmetic brush, you need to pay attention to the following aspects: 1. The raw material of the cosmetic brush should choose animal hair (banana wolf tail, fine mink hair, squirrel hair) which is softer and does not irritate the skin. 2. Fine workmanship does not spread, does not shed hair, and is elastic. 3. When buying a foundation brush, you must carefully consider it! Use it once and wash it once, and wash it once and dry it for two or three days. It takes longer to wash than to use. Of course, you can bear to wash it several times, but I believe that most people can't bear it. Not only is it not clean, but it is more difficult and time-consuming to apply foundation with a makeup brushes wholesale than with hands and sponges. It is even more difficult to apply with an unwashed brush. If your foundation has to be applied with a brush, I suggest you just sell or give away that foundation. Don't put the cart before the horse and buy a foundation makeup brushes wholesale just for a difficult-to-apply foundation. Be cautious when buying lip brushes! The same reason as above, makeup brushes are troublesome to clean. In addition, few people use lip brushes for daily makeup and daily color lipsticks, even for biting lip makeup. Be careful when buying a concealer brush! Same as the previous two! Generally, you should be careful when buying a liquid cream makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale. Use your hands first. Hand washing sponges are easier than washing brushes. In addition, it is best to use your hands for concealer, which is warm and better than a brush. 4. Novices are advised not to buy set brushes. It will not be used much, and it will not be used. Non-professional makeup artists may not know what the makeup brushes they bought are useful for. The suggestion for frequent light makeup is to buy one by one. If you buy a set, you can use it less than once for a long time, and it is a waste to leave it alone. This is the end of today’s tips for purchasing makeup brushes. Beginners must have four types of makeup makeup brushes wholesale: a large loose powder brush, a slightly smaller and fluffy blush brush, an eye shadow brush, and a concealer for removing spots and blemishes brush. It is recommended that beginners try to choose a brush with a round head, because it will not cause too much damage to the cosmetics. You must know that having a good set of makeup brushes will mean the quality of your makeup in the past few years.
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