What are the precautions when using a lip brush to apply lipstick? -

by:Suprabeauty     2023-03-04
I believe that many cuties have similar experiences: When watching beauty masters paint lipstick with lip makeup brushes wholesale, they are always amazed at their cool techniques, and the lip makeup they draw is so beautiful. But when I got my own lip brush and started using it, I was in a hurry, and I couldn't draw well no matter how I drew it. In fact, the use of lip brushes is also skillful. After mastering the following methods, the exquisite lip makeup is complete! 1. Use a lip brush to outline the lip shape. May I ask how many fairies use a lip brush to draw lipstick like instant noodle sauce. The first step is to fill in the lip color? After summing up countless times of experience, Instant Noodle Sauce realized that if you want beautiful lip makeup, the correct way is to outline the lip shape first. After this step is done, the boundaries of the lips can be clearly defined, and the shape of the lips can be corrected to a certain extent. For cuties with beautiful lips, you only need to use a lip brush to pick up an appropriate amount of lipstick and outline the lips according to the original shape. For girls with thinner lips, when outlining the lip shape, bite and expand it slightly, so that the drawn lip makeup will be fuller~ 2. Fill the lip color and expand from the inside to the outside. After outlining the lip shape, the next step is to use The lip makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale is used to fill the lip color, but many cuties don't know that there are skills to add lip color. Whether you want to create a gradient lipstick or apply an even lip color, when applying lipstick with a lip brush, you must apply the lipstick in the order from the inside to the outside, and be careful with the border, so that the effect of the brush will be better Naturally, the lip makeup will be fuller and more three-dimensional~ 3. Use a lip brush to fill in lip lines. For girls with dry lips, the most annoying thing is that lip lines will appear when applying lipstick. It’s okay to use a moisturizing lipstick. Once you use a matte lipstick, the texture of the mouth will be fully revealed, and it will pull down the overall makeup. For this part of cuties, Instant Noodle Sauce recommends taking care of the fine lip lines after the first lipstick application. You can use a lip brush to dip a little lipstick to gently fill in the gaps between the lip lines. The lip makeup effect will be more perfect. 4. When layering lipstick, clean the lip brush first. Layering lipstick is a very popular lip makeup painting method. It can not only create a gradient lip, but also create a unique and exclusive lipstick color. However, when using a lip brush to apply lipstick, cuties should be careful not to directly dip back and forth between the two lipsticks, as this will affect the color of the lipstick itself and cause uneven color of the lip makeup. The correct way should be to first take a lipstick to fill up the lip color, then use a tissue to clean the lipstick on the lip brush, and then take another lipstick ~ 5. The lip brush should be cleaned from time to time. With the lip brush, We can easily create a variety of full and beautiful lip makeup. However, lip brushes are different from lipsticks. If they are not cleaned for a long time after use, the brush head may breed bacteria, which is very unhygienic. Using an unclean lip makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale may also cause pericheilitis, which is not conducive to the health of the lips. So fairies, it’s better to wash off the lip makeup brushes wholesale with detergent every time after using it. Remember to use it when you use it, the lip makeup effect will definitely be more delicate~
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