What are the makeup brushes, the purpose of the makeup brush set

by:Suprabeauty     2023-04-21

1. Foundation brush

The base makeup applied with a foundation brush is relatively transparent, which can avoid heavy makeup, so choosing a good foundation brush is also an important part of creating a delicate makeup. Compared with the top-coating sponge, the foundation brush can well avoid the base makeup from getting stuck.

2. Concealer brush

Use to apply cream products to areas that need coverage, such as blemishes, blemishes or dark circles.

3. Loose powder brush

Even if you don’t buy a lot of brushes, you must have a loose powder brush. A loose powder brush is a very common tool for creating a base makeup. Apply loose powder and powder to sweep the whole face. It is softer and more natural than using a powder puff. It can paint very evenly , so that the makeup effect is natural and not fake, and it saves loose powder.

4. Blush brush

The texture is relatively soft, generally a medium-sized round or flat brush. The long and soft bristles can apply powder products without damaging the base makeup. It is a tool for applying blush, contour and other large areas.

5. Eye shadow brush

In a basic set of makeup tools, three eye shadow brushes are enough to meet the needs of various eye shadows. If you want to buy it, you can buy all three, large, medium and small. The large brush is used to apply light-colored eyeshadow as a primer, and the medium and small brushes are used to refine the eyeshadow.

6. Angled brush

This versatile brush is perfect for eyeliner and brows. This size and shape allows for a more natural looking brow and allows for easy application of makeup to the eyeliner.

7. Lip brush

If you want to make lip makeup more natural, lip brush is essential, and it is also an essential tool for biting lip makeup.

8. Eyebrow comb or round shaft brush

Used to separate bonded lashes or to tease brows, this makeup brush is one of the best tools for finishing makeup. It is especially good for sweeping away eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil, the effect is natural, and the eyebrows will have a furry feeling.

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