What are the good storage methods for cosmetic brush supplies-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-26
Where do you usually keep your makeup makeup brushes wholesale? On a table or in a vanity case? Makeup brushes are one of the hidden dangers of acne. Improper storage can easily breed bacteria. In addition to shortening the service life of the brush, it can also cause various skin problems. How to properly store makeup brushes? Let us give you some advice. It is actually very simple to solve the problem of messy storage of makeup brushes, but we feel that the storage of the dressing table also needs to reflect some personality. We recommend 4 novel ways to store makeup brushes. After seeing them, you will have the urge to transform your dressing table. Weird type - beakers Beakers are no longer just for the laboratory, wide-mouth cups and chemical containers of different capacities are perfect for those who have the temperament of a beauty experimenter (in general, they are what we use I also like it by the way). These types of containers are available at lab-ware stores and are inexpensive. Retro Style - Jar jars are not only cute and easy to obtain, but also versatile, glass jars are the most popular and most readily available makeup makeup brushes wholesale storage container. The jam jars and honey jars after eating are basically wide-mouthed glass jars, which are environmentally friendly and beautiful when used as makeup brushes wholesale holders. You can also spray them with color to create a luxurious feeling, or use black markers to write letters on them for embellishment, you can DIY as you like. Literary and artistic type - Many friends around the mug editor are mug lovers. When they see beautiful mugs, they must buy them back and collect them. If you are the same way, you might as well decorate your dressing table with spare mugs. For beauty experts, makeup brushes are as important as a painter's paintbrush, and it is not an exaggeration to customize an exclusive ceramic cup to store your brushes. Stylish and tidy - minimalist acrylic storage box If simplicity is your style, choose a simple transparent tank that best fits your tomato sauce. In the Japanese brand MUJI, the most popular acrylic storage box is the epitome of this minimalism applied to beauty design. Their translucent acrylic storage case acts like a glass jar to let you see the brushes clearly, and the lightweight design is also very pleasing.
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