What are the four steps to choose a makeup brush?

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-20
Nowadays, with the continuous advancement of make-up technology and the continuous updating of make-up products, the styles and functions of brushes have also been updated. Now for foundation, the flat brush is mainly adopted and popular, which can be used for powder foundation and also It can be used to apply cream foundation, and the method is no longer to use the side of the brush, but to use the method of pushing the brush head flat. Using the flat brush head, the hair peaks are soft and delicate, and the foundation is naturally well-proportioned. This is the hottest one now. Of course, merchants have been innovating. The new flat-head bevel foundation brush is also in production and will be more powerful. What are the four steps in choosing a makeup brush? Let’s take a look at it together: Wang: First, check the smoothness of the bristles directly. Yi Chun suggested that when choosing a brush, you can choose a makeup brushes wholesale head with a concave surface. For example, Yi Chun’s commonly used leading beauty foundation brush has an exclusive patented concave design. Fit the face, such a tool, the makeup effect is very good. As shown in the picture below, such makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale heads are much better than ordinary ones, so makeup artists also strongly recommend them. Smell: Gently smell the smell of the brush. A good brush will not have peculiar smells such as paint and glue. Even if it is animal hair, it only smells of leather. Q: Tell the makeup artist or professional BA about your needs, whether you are a beginner who is new to brushes or a veteran who is proficient in makeup, the makeup you need to create and the texture of the makeup you have, etc. These all affect Selection of makeup brushes. Cut: Sweep the bristles back and forth on the back of the hand for several times, the ones that do not fall off are the top grade; press the makeup brushes wholesale head, test the softness of the brush, and see if the shape of the bristles is regular.
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