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by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-24
What are the cosmetics? We put on some makeup every day when we go out, and when we have enough time, we put on a light makeup. If we have enough, we can put on a beautiful makeup. Even if we put on makeup every day, there are many people who don’t know what cosmetics are available. , the following editor will explain in detail what the basic cosmetic products are and what functions they have. Lotion, makeup milk (mask), base cream, BB cream (CC air cushion BB liquid foundation), compact powder, loose powder, concealer, eyebrow pencil (eyebrow powder), eyeliner, eyelash curler, mascara, false eyelashes, eye shadow, lying Silkworm pencil, highlighter, contour cake, lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner, blush. The role of cosmetics Tools: makeup brushes, cotton pads, cotton swabs The first step: maintenance before makeup, good skin quality will double the effect of makeup. Before makeup, the necessary hydration will make the makeup more docile. You can choose lotion, milk or mask. Before makeup, you will clean your skin. It is necessary to use some moisturizing products. Step 2: Apply base cream. In order to better protect the skin, if you don't apply base cream, it is easy to cause pores to be blocked by foundation. Step 3: Take an appropriate amount of liquid foundation, pat it evenly on the face. This step requires liquid foundation. Step 4: Use concealer cosmetics. If you have acne or dark circles, concealer will make your makeup more perfect. Step 5: Take loose powder or pressed powder, dip in an appropriate amount, rub it on the puff, and gently press evenly on the face, as well as the nose and eyelids. This step requires honey powder. Step 6: Throwing eyebrows A good eyebrow makeup will make the whole person more energetic. If it’s been too long or it’s the first time to draw eyebrows, you need to use an eyebrow scraper to trim the eyebrow shape before drawing, and use an eyebrow pencil to draw the eyebrow shape first. , and then fill in, it is recommended to choose an eyebrow pencil color that is similar to the hair color. Step 7: Apply eye shadow according to the needs of the makeup. Generally speaking, earth tones are used for daily use. This step requires eyeshadow. Step 8: After the eyeshadow is finished, apply eyeliner, and thinly draw a line on the eyes along the root of the eyelashes. This step requires eyeliner. Step 9: This step requires mascara. Before using mascara, use an eyelash curler. If the eyelashes are loose, you can also paste false eyelashes. Step 10: Apply highlights. You can remove the highlights used on both sides of the nose and cheekbones and chin, which will make the whole face more three-dimensional. Step 11: Sweep a little blush and setting powder. After applying makeup, in order to make the makeup not easy to fade and last longer, you can apply loose powder on the parts where you are prone to oil to keep the makeup intact. Step 12: Finally, apply lip gloss on the lips. Before applying lipstick, you need to apply lip gloss or lip balm, because lipstick contains chemical ingredients to some extent. Applying lip balm is to protect the lips, and the second is to make the makeup better. The above is what are the cosmetic products shared today? The whole content, facial cosmetics mainly include barrier milk, makeup primer, liquid foundation, concealer milk, powder, rouge, etc. The eyes mainly include eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara and so on. The lips mainly include lip primer, lip liner, lip gloss or lipstick. Tools mainly include makeup makeup brushes wholesale, cotton swabs, cotton pads, etc. And makeup brushes are divided into many kinds of makeup makeup brushes wholesale. If you want to know how to use makeup makeup brushes wholesale, you can pay attention to our makeup makeup brushes wholesale information.
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