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by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-21
What are the commonly used makeup tools? The shapes of makeup brushes wholesale are ever-changing, and there are countless types. Because many makeup brushes are not much different in appearance, many brothers and sisters don’t know makeup brushes or are easy to confuse them. Then you know the types, functions and usage methods of makeup tool brushes. I don’t know, please see the detailed explanation below. Concealer This brush is used to apply cream products to areas that need coverage, such as blemishes, blemishes, or under the eyes. Many makeup artists like to use a concealer brush to perfect their makeup, and this is a great foundation brush to add to your makeup cabinet because it will help you create a lot of detail. Moreover, its shape is also very versatile. Eyebrow comb and eyebrow brush are essential gadgets for beautifying eyebrows. First use the eyebrow brush to sweep away the dandruff on the eyebrows, then use the eyebrow pencil to trace the main shape of the eyebrows, and then use the eyebrow brush to lightly comb along the direction of the eyebrows to make the eyebrow color consistent and natural, and finally use the eyebrow comb to make the drawing messy Comb your eyebrows. With the help of eyebrow brush and eyebrow comb, the eyebrows drawn are natural and neat. Loose Powder Loose powder brush is a kind of makeup tool. Use it to dip in loose powder and brush it on the face with foundation, which is softer and more natural than using a powder puff. The advantage of using a loose powder brush to set makeup is that the effect of setting makeup is light and thin, so that the makeup effect is natural and not artificial, and it saves the amount of loose powder. When using the loose powder brush, you can gently dip the loose powder, filter out the excess floating powder, and then gently set the makeup on the face. Finally, brush the excess powder on the face from top to bottom and remove the lip brush. The lip brush can easily use up the remaining lipstick in the lipstick tube. If there is no lip liner, it can also be used to draw lip line; if There are several lipsticks, you can use the lip brush to adjust the new color, so that your lip color is different. More importantly, it is more flexible to use the lip brush to apply lipstick, and the color will be more uniform and detailed. The main purpose of the foundation brush is to It is used to brush the foundation, because the foundation made by the foundation brush will be more transparent. Whether you use your fingers or a powder puff, the liquid foundation will inevitably be stained on your fingers. This is the main reason why some people switch to a liquid foundation brush. layering. The amount of hair is moderate, and it is easy to control the amount of powder makeup used. It can easily show delicate lines and let the color spread naturally. It can also be used to shape the shadow of the nose. Blush brush A blush brush is a flat brush that is slightly smaller than a powder brush, and the top of the bristles is arranged in a semicircle. A good blush brush can make the rouge sweep easily and naturally. Dip the brush into the blush powder, lightly shake off the excess powder, and then apply makeup. If the color is not enough, you can fill it up slowly. It can also be used as a powder brush or loose powder brush. How can you not know how to use it if you know the tools? Make-up brush makeup steps and how to use it are as follows: Foundation brush: Generally, the makeup is applied first. This foundation brush is a tongue-shaped makeup makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale, which is brushed on the face in a few times and a large amount. Concealer brush: After applying the base makeup on the face, you can use the concealer makeup brushes wholesale to dip the concealer on the blemishes and blend them around the blemishes. Blush brush: In order to prevent the hand from being too heavy, it is best to apply it on the back of the hand beforehand, adjust the color to suit it, and then brush it slightly on the smiling muscles. Nose shadow brush: Use a shadow stick to apply on both sides of the nose, and then sweep it away with a nose shadow brush. Loose powder brush: Dip the loose powder and gently pat on various parts of the face to achieve a makeup effect. Large eyeshadow brush: It is used as a base for the entire eyelid, which can give the eyes a deep feeling. Small eye shadow brush: It is used to draw some small places when painting eye shadow, and some colors that need to be highlighted. It doesn't need to be completely covered with eye shadow, just put some eye shadow powder on the tip. Slanted Eyebrow : If you use eyebrow powder, you can use this eyebrow brush, but I use an eyebrow pencil, which I use to smudge my eyeliner. Spiral brush: After brushing mascara, you can comb the lower eyelashes to prevent the appearance of fly legs. It can also be used to lighten the brows after drawing them. Lip brush: This one is relatively simple, you can outline the lip shape and then fill it according to your preference. As for the types and functions of the commonly used makeup tools, the introduction of the makeup tool makeup brushes wholesale is here. I hope it can help everyone. I have been specialized in making makeup brushes, makeup tools, and cosmetic products for more than ten years. The company has not been able to release a batch of new types recently For makeup brushes, if necessary, you can go to the product center of the official website to check.
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