What are the categories of eye shadow brushes?

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-17
Many fairies don't know what the various eye shadow brushes are for. Today I will tell you the classification and usage of eye shadow brushes. Let's take a look together below. 1. Flat brush As the name suggests, a flat brush is a brush with a relatively flat shape. This kind of brush is mostly flat tongue-shaped and is mainly used for coloring. Lots of choices on both. Depending on the size, both the base and the details are possible. 2. Oval brushes are thicker and more chubby than flat brushes. Because the area of ​​this type of brush is large enough, it is no problem to use it as a coloring brush. Moreover, the radian of the top is very smooth and has a certain thickness. It is also very good to smudge the edge of the eye shadow, which belongs to a very practical brush shape. 3. C-shaped brush The C-shaped brush is tighter than the oval brush and thicker than the flat brush. It has many functions. The larger C-shaped brush can be used as an eye shadow brush for coloring. The smaller C-shaped brush can be used as a detail processing brush to outline corner areas, such as the small triangle area at the end of the eye, and to draw lying silkworms. Don't use too much force, you can also use a smudge brush for the border of eye shadow. 4. Detail brush The detail brush is a miniature version of the C-shaped and oval-shaped brush. It has solid bristles and good coloring. It is mainly used to deal with the details of eye makeup. It is small in size, accurate in coloring, and well controlled. 5. The pencil makeup brushes wholesale can also be called a tapered makeup brushes wholesale. Its main function is to draw eye creases. Many European and American makeup like to use this makeup brushes wholesale to draw eye sockets. The pointed design is suitable for applying eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eye and a small area of ​​the eye, and can also be used to smudge the entire eye makeup. 6. The smudge brush is a bit like a tapered brush, but the bristles are longer and fluffier, and the brush hair is scattered to form an arc shape. The size of the smudge brush depends on the condition of your eyes, and the size should not be too large. If the brush is too big, the range of eye shadow smudging will be too large. When the brush is small, it will be difficult to control the intensity of smudging. The smudging speed is relatively slow, which is difficult for novices to control. The above is the classification of eye shadow makeup brushes wholesale. Fairies can choose according to their own needs. I hope it will be helpful to everyone!
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