Types of makeup brushes knowledge points

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-25
The types of makeup brushes use knowledge points, if you don’t understand, don’t worry, the manufacturer will announce it for you. 1. Eyeliner When applying eyeliner, put the mirror below the eye level, look down and draw eyeliner. Because it is not easy to form the eyeliner for the eyelashes at one time, use the feeling of rubbing to apply the eyeliner little by little at the root of the eyelashes. 2. Foundation brush Use the foundation brush to apply the liquid foundation, the base makeup will have more texture and can hide pores well, but the concealer effect is not very good. At this time, you can use the foundation brush and puff in combination, and use it on the cheeks with more blemishes Liquid foundation on a puff does a great job of covering blemishes. I don't want to leave makeup brushes wholesale marks. When brushing, follow the skin texture and hair growth direction, and finally bend the makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale at a 15-degree angle to paint again without leaving marks. 3. There are two methods of blush brush blush: front blush and side blush. The front blush is to paint the blush on the smiling muscles, and the side blush is to brush from the sides of the cheekbones to the center of the cheekbones to deepen the side profile and create a sense of elegance, so it is more suitable for mature women. For beginners in makeup, you can use light-colored blush to highlight the large area, and then repair the parts that are too thick, but you must control the strength when correcting, so as not to damage the base makeup. 4. The bevel trimming brush generally starts from the front corner of the eye, passes through the bridge of the nose to both sides of the nose wing, and then repeatedly brushes on the nose wing area several times. When modifying a flat nose, you should not blindly draw shadows on both sides of the bridge of the nose. This will not only fail to improve the bridge of the nose, but also make the makeup look unnatural. Contouring must be based on a round face with a wide face and a small nose, and the T-shaped part should be highlighted to increase the three-dimensional effect of the face. If the proboscis is too long, draw a shadow on the side of the nose to achieve the visual effect of shortening the nose. If you apply contouring powder on the front corner of the eye, it will make the eyes deeper.
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