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by:Suprabeauty     2023-03-05
Provide you with reliable | good service makeup makeup brushes wholesale manufacturers makeup brush manufacturers suppliers unique anti-microbial technology bristles put on a layer of protective coat, against all kinds of bacteria and fungi, so that you don't have to worry about skin health damage when you make up beautiful . The matching antibacterial scrub water is also very convenient to use: just spray directly on the bristles, rinse with clean water and gently wipe off excess water with a towel or tissue. Makeup brush manufacturer The bristles of this set of makeup brushes wholesale mainly come from the natural hair combed from the neck of special golden goats. They are very soft and full of elasticity, and the makeup effect is natural and well-proportioned. The design of the brush handle is also full of ingenuity, which helps you easily distinguish the function of the brush: the brush with a transparent handle is used for the face; the brush with a metal handle is specially used for the eyes. Make-up brush manufacturers With the passage of time and the changes of the times, the functions of many makeup brushes wholesale have new interpretations. Take foundation as an example. In the past, traditional foundation makeup brushes wholesale were flat. After powdering, it is more considerate to touch the skin. The traditional method is that the side of the brush touches the face. Nowadays, with the continuous advancement of makeup technology and the continuous updating of makeup products, the style and function of the brush have also been updated. Now for foundation, makeup brush manufacturers are mainly adopted. Also popular is the flat brush represented by the flat brush, which can be used for powder foundation or cream foundation. The technique is no longer using the side of the brush, but the technique of pushing the brush head flat. On the flat brush head, the hair peaks are soft and delicate, and makeup brush manufacturers apply foundation naturally and well-proportionedly. This is the most popular one now. Of course, we have been innovating all the time. The new flat-head beveled foundation brush is also in production and will be more powerful.
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