The world's personal evaluation of makeup brushes

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-13

Makeup brushes

Inspired by Chinese calligraphy brushes, Yu Sai brings a series of professional makeup brushes. Natural material, brush styling is specially designed for the contours of Chinese women's faces. Each brush is specially designed as a small handle, which is easy to grasp and carry.

Personal evaluation of makeup brush:

The handle is made of durable birch wood, which is available for professional and travel makeup length; birch wood: the wood is heavier, the structure is thin, and the mechanical strength is large. Not resistant to corrosion, easy to crack and warp when dried, good processing performance, and many types. This is the description of the birch performance on the professional website. The main reason to use it as a brush is that it is easy to process and cheap, but it is not durable. One more thing, in fact, many of the disposable chopsticks that you usually use are made of birch. As for the length of the brush, roughly the same can be said. Of course, you need to use long handles to make makeup for others, and use a short one to carry around, but in general, it is still longer and easy to use. I think you like it.

Each of the makeup brushes with different functions is preset with different weights to help you master the strength more easily; if you don't understand this sentence, it may be because you are ignorant. Everyone understands that the brush head is small and light, and the brush head is heavy and heavier, but everyone understands which brush should be lighter and which brush should be heavier.

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