The manufacturer introduces the production process of cosmetic brushes-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-23
Nowadays, with the continuous advancement of makeup technology and the continuous updating of makeup products, the styles and functions of brushes have also been updated. Now for foundation, the flat brush is mainly adopted and the most popular. It can be used for powder foundation, You can also apply cream foundation. The method is no longer to use the side of the brush, but to use the method of pushing the brush head flat. Using the flat makeup brushes wholesale head, the hair peaks are soft and delicate, and the foundation is naturally well-proportioned. This is the most popular now. payment. Of course, merchants have been innovating. The new flat-head bevel foundation brush is also in production and will be more powerful. Introduce the production process of cosmetic brushes: (1) Combing. This is the preparation. Regardless of low-grade, medium-grade or high-grade hair, it is necessary to comb the whole outfit, so as to remove the rough and extract the essence, remove some short hairs, and lay a good foundation for the next process. (2) Guting/piercup. Single and double fit wools are used for gudding. There is no Maofeng. Most of the Maotou are made of pier cups. Pure manual labor, the quality of the pier cup itself and the skill of the pier cup master directly determine the quality of the hair shape. (3) Pressure tube. This process is limited to flattened hairs. Straight pipes do not require this process. (4) Epoxy. In order to fix the hair head and prevent the hair from falling out. This process is also a key part. If there is less glue, it will not stick together and it will easily lose hair; if there is too much glue, it will easily leak glue, which is a defective product. Invisibly increased the unit cost. (5) Shaving/trimming. If the pier cup is the basis for determining whether the hair shape is good or bad, then shaving is the last key step. In the process of making high-grade makeup brushes wholesale, pier cup shaving is a system, and the two are unified. (6) Assembly. Assemble the finished hair head and the required handle. The assembly should be dense and seamless. This is a high quality standard. (7) Clean. Before packaging, wear pure cotton white gloves to polish and clean the whole brush. (8) Packaging. Put it into PP bag or cosmetic bag.
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